The Kaplen JCC on the Palisades is proud to offer a luxury aquatics facility with 2 indoor pools, 3 outdoor pools, and one water park splash pad to our members and community.

The heated indoor training pool at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades.

Pool Schedules

Reservations are no longer required. Please see the schedules below for pool opening times.

Aquatics Facilities

Our beautiful indoor aquatic facility includes:

  • A six-lane, 25-meter indoor pool heated to between 81°-84° degrees. With a depth of 4′ – 12′.
  • An indoor training-sized pool heated to 90°. Featuring both shallow water, depth of 2′-3′ side.

Our seasonal outdoor facilities include:

  • A five-lane, newly renovated, 25-meter outdoor pool with a diving board.
  • An outdoor intermediate and baby pool.
  • An intermediate pool, for our camp program, equipped with shallow water, water slide for kids.
  • As well as a splash pad water park!

*All outdoor pools are heated to accommodate early morning lap swim.
*Each pool has an American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard on duty at all times.

Man doing the breaststroke in the pool.
Child and swim instructor during a swim lesson.
Two kids playing on a water playground.
Indoor pool facility.
Senior woman in the pool.
Woman swimming underwater.

Lane-Sharing Etiquette

There are ways to share a lane while lap swimming efficiently and safely:

Split the lane (2 people)
• One person swims on the right side of the lane down and back.
• Second person swims on the left side of the lane down and back.

Circle Swimming (3 or more people)
• The fastest swimmer will swim down the pool on the right side of the lane and back on the left side of the lane (counterclockwise direction).
• Swimmers will follow in line based on their swim speed.

• If the person behind you touches your toes while you are swimming, that is an indication that they are wanting to pass you.
• To do this, you can swim to the left side of the lane until you are safely in front of the other swimmer (Just like passing someone on the road while driving).
• The other way would be to stop at the wall and allow the person behind you to continue swimming, and then follow behind them.
• Lifeguards are there to assist swimmers and will address concerns about lane sharing. Please be considerate to your fellow swimmers while enjoying the pool.


Health and Safety Measures

• Obey the instructions of aquatic staff at all times.
• Adult supervision is required in the water for all non-swimmers.
• Children six (6) & under must be accompanied by an adult & within arm’s reach
at all times. The only exception are children participating in aquatics programs.
• Children who are not toilet trained must wear special swim diapers under
their bathing suits. Disposable diapers are not permitted.
• Only Coast Guard approved flotation devices, such as life vests, are permitted.
Toys permitted at the discretion of the aquatics staff to ensure a safe environment.
• Only proper swim attire allowed. No street clothes allowed.
• Swimmers are required to wear swim caps regardless of hair length; except
for individuals with special needs, who are bald, or are under 2 years of age.
• Children ten (10) & under must be supervised by an adult at all times.
• Shower & remove band-aids before entering water.

• No street shoes permitted on the deck.
• No food or eating is permitted anywhere on the deck.
• Only water in plastic containers is permitted on the deck.
• No bags, street clothes or strollers allowed on deck (please use day lockers).
• Only aquatics staff & JCC program staff are allowed on main deck. All others must use observation deck upstairs or benches next to training pool.
• Only authorized JCC aquatics instructors & coaches may provide swim instruction.

• Be courteous to and considerate of fellow swimmers.
• Try to swim in the same lane as someone of comparable speed.
• Do not swim on your back with two or more people in the lane.
• Adult lap swim is open to members ages fourteen (14) & up.
• When entering an active lane, inform fellow swimmers.
• Circular swim pathway required for three or more people in a lane.
• Do not dive into lap lanes.

Are swim caps required?

All swimmers must wear swim caps when swimming indoors unless bald or under the age of 2.

Kathleen Costantini.

Meet Kathleen Costantini

Aquatics Director Health and Wellness

As the Aquatics Director, Kathleen assists in overseeing and managing all aspects of the Aquatics Department. She is an avid swimmer who has always loved to be around a pool. […]

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