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Senior Exercise & Wellness

AgesOlder Adults & Seniors

Exercise is an important part of healthy living for everyone; it is a vital component to maintaining balance, mobility and activities of daily living.

Seniors in a weight exercise class.

Benefits can include improved endurance and energy levels, lower health risks such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, better balance, posture and memory, boost in mood, increased muscle strength and so much more!

Our classes are appropriate for all levels of ability and do not require registration. Class offerings include Boxing for Seniors, Cardio Dance Party, Fit for Life, Balance and Agility and more. For more information contact Marlene at 201.569.7900 ext 439 or

“Living so far from my mom is challenging but thanks to the JCC’s preventative health program, I can rest assured knowing they are keeping a close eye on her health and will let me know if I have any reason to be concerned and when its time to follow up with a doctor” Amy – Long distant caregiver

Seniors in a dance class.
Seniors in a dance class.
Seniors in a weight exercise class.


Moving with Maurice

Now it’s possible to get a great cardio workout, increase your strength and flexibility right from your home in this chair exercise program. Good for all abilities.

Free, Monday-Friday, 10 am

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Preventative Health Programs

Nutrition Monitoring
Checking weight and asking questions about how one is eating can detect malnutrition before it leads to more serious conditions.

Blood Pressure Monitoring
Blood pressure monitoring is vital in the prevention and treatment of blood-pressure–related diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and heart failure.

Pulmonary Monitoring
Pulmonary monitoring can detect asthma and other lung conditions before they become chronic. Nurses will check respiratory rates, lung sounds, and Oxygen saturation monthly and alert participants if follow up care is needed.

Have questions about senior programs at the JCC? We’d love to answer them!

Please contact Judi Nahary, Director, Senior Adult Services at 201.408.1450 |