Adult Dance and Drama


Explore your creative side with our Adult dance and dramatic arts offerings! Joining our programs will welcome you into our JCC arts community, a community built on the sheer joy of movement and performing!

Focused students practicing their lines at Kaplen JCC on the Palisades' Drama School.



Adult Beginner Ballet

This class offers comprehensive training in ballet techniques. The fundamentals of barre, centre, adagio, and allegro are given in each class. Ballet training is the base of all dance styles and improves flexibility, develops poise and grace, while building confidence and strength.

Mon 9/18-11/27 8:00-9:00 pm $150/$180


Adult Improv Acting

Get ready to let loose! Learn and build your ability to respond to the unexpected. Mental Agility! In Improv with Adam, everyone will gain confidence, conquer shyness and learn new valuable skills, unleash humor, while seriously having fun! Improvisation teaches us how to create NOW…on the spot. Here you can let some of the characters in your head out and create new ones. All will get better at staying present, in the moment and trusting your natural instincts. Get out of your head for an hour. Vanquish fantasy thinking of tomorrows or yesterdays. Less editing, censoring thoughts and overthinking. Live through storytelling and self-expression, while feeling creative excitement and having a lot of laughs! Students enjoy learning theatre and improv activities, scene work, and monologue. From Broadway to Film and Television to Commercials, Radio shows, Cartoons, Video Games and even stand up comedy, this Emmy Award winning instructor has done it all. Each class is freshly made weekly…by the students!

10 Thu 9/21-11/30 7:30-8:30pm $150/$180