Adult Dance and Drama


Explore your creative side with our Adult dance and dramatic arts offerings! Joining our programs will welcome you into our JCC arts community; a community built on the sheer joy of movement and performing!

Adult Dance and Drama

JCC Community Theatre

JCC Community Theatre is an opportunity for adults to explore meaningful themes and flex their acting skills in a professional level rehearsal process. The cast sizes are small, providing an experience that builds individual strengths and forms lasting connections!

Adult Classes

Adult Improv Acting
Get ready to let loose! Learn and build your ability to respond to the unexpected. Mental Agility!  In Improv with Adam, everyone will gain confidence, conquer shyness and learn new valuable skills, unleash humor, while seriously having fun!  Improvisation teaches us how to create NOW…on the spot. All will get better at staying present, in the moment and trusting your natural instincts. Students enjoy learning theatre and improv activities, scene work, and monologue. From Broadway to Film and Television to Commercials, Radio shows, Cartoons, Video Games and even standup comedy, this Emmy Award winning instructor has done it all. Each class is freshly made weekly…by the students!

10 Thu 2/1-4/11 7:30-8:30pm $150/$180

Adult Musical Theater
Why should kids have all the fun?  Taught by Vocal Coach and Director Jenna Mate, this class is an invitation to explore your voice through Musical Theater repertoire. Performers will work on vocal technique, acting through song, movement, and more! A workshop performance will be presented after the Spring session.

6 Tue 3/19-4/16 7:00 – 8:00pm $150 JCC Member/$180 Public

Ages 5-Adult

Private Dance, Voice and Acting Lessons

Available to students enrolled in dance dramatic arts classes

Dance: Private dance is for students who are passionate about dancing and inspired to excel in their art. It is an extension of a child’s initial dance training.

Voice: Vocal training is tailor-made to each individual singer’s needs and goals. Learn the proper vocal technique to increase vocal range and strength, create a beautiful tone and maintain a healthy voice.

Acting: For serious young actors to work on audition monologues or for scenes for films, plays and TV series.

1 hour lesson: $83/$100
45-minute lesson: $70/$84
30-minute lesson: $55/$67