Group Swim Lessons

Ages6 months+

We are proud to offer American Red Cross Swim Lesson Program.

Four kids hanging off the side of the pool.
Kid learning how to dive with an instructor.
Kid swimming on his back using a kickboard.
Boy smiling in the pool.
Mom, dad, and baby in the pool.
Two children taking swimming lessons.
Group of kids kicking their feet in the pool.


For information, please call 201.408.1473 or email

Winter/Spring Group Swim Classes – Registration now open! Classes begin 1/22!
Sundays, 1/22- 6/4 (no class 2/19, 3/19, 4/9, 5/21, 5/28)
Mondays, 1/23- 6/5 (no class 2/20, 3/6, 4/10, 5/29)
Tuesdays, 1/24- 6/6 (no class 2/21, 4/11)
Wednesdays, 1/25 – 6/7 (no class 4/5, 4/12)
Thursdays, 1/26- 6/8 (no class 4/6, 4/13, 5/25)

View a full list of the winter/spring group class offerings

Water Babies

Ages 6-35 Months
Splash. Kick. Bubble bubble. Laugh. Your little one will love this intro to swim class and so will you! The first step to learning how to swim is enjoying being in the water and this class will teach you how to work with your child to have a fun and safe water experience. One parent or caregiver per participant.

Swim Level 1

Ages 3-4
Water exploration. Develop elementary aquatic skills. Front and back float introduced. 1:4 Instructor/Student Ratio.

Swim Level 2

Ages 4-6
Develop primary skills such as the back float, backstroke, and front crawl. For children who have elementary skills. 1:4 Instructor/Student Ratio.

Swim Level 3

Ages 6-10
Stroke readiness. Elementary backstroke and fundamentals of treading water are introduced. A child must be able to swim 15m front crawl and backstroke. 1:4 Instructor/Student Ratio.

Swim Level 4

Ages 5-12
Stroke development. Breaststroke and sidestroke are introduced. The child must be able to swim 25m front crawl and backstroke. 1:4 Instructor/Student ratio.

Swim Level 5

Ages 5-15
Stroke refinement. Coordination and refinement of strokes are developed. The butterfly stroke is introduced. 1:4 Instructor/Student ratio

Swim Club: Level 5 & 6

Ages 5-12
Skill proficiency. Strokes learned in previous levels are polished, and endurance is stressed. Includes fun water activities. 1:6 Instructor/Student ratio.


Swim Testing

All children must be swim-tested before enrolling in a class unless they hold a Red Cross card indicating their current level. If your child is at a higher level for his/her age they may join the older class. Swim caps required.

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