Who We Are

The Kaplen JCC on the Palisades is a welcoming home away from home for all who pass through its front doors.

overhead sky view of the JCC

Our 185,000 square foot building plus acres of outside grounds feature two fitness centers, an indoor and outdoor aquatics center, group exercise, spin and pilates studios, two gymnasiums, tennis and racquet courts, indoor track, a luxurious spa, multiple playgrounds and fields and so much more.

The JCC is home to the renowned Thurnauer School of Music, Leonard and Syril Rubin Early Childhood Center, Neil Klatskin Summer Camps, and the JCC Dance and Drama Schools. The JCC is also proud to offer extensive, high-quality programs and services to adults of all ages, as well as to seniors and individuals with special needs.


Our vision is to be the center point of Jewish life in our community and to engage all generations in our mission and values.


Deeply rooted in Jewish values and tradition, the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades is a vibrant home for the Jewish People that welcomes all and cultivates the social, intellectual, physical and spiritual well-being of the entire community.

The swim team at Kaplen JCC on the Palisades.


We are committed to demonstrating the following values and ask respect for these values from those with whom we interact:

  • Community
  • Connection to Judaism and Israel
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Responsbility
  • Safety
  • Tikkun Olam (repairing the world)

Inclusion & Diversity

The Kaplen JCC on the Palisades is committed to being an inclusive community, encouraging all who come through our doors to participate in all JCC programs and classes, creating a safe space where “All Are Welcome.”

Our goal is to provide an environment where we honor the dignity of all members within our diverse community and provide opportunities to reach his/her/their own potential. We are also committed to fostering a sense of well-being and a true spirit of belonging for all.

We are committed to the belief that all community members have access to appropriate social, recreational, cultural and educational experiences in a natural community setting. Our programs, classes and summer camps are designed to provide appropriate individual supports within the natural environment, and to work toward meeting the specific needs of each person.

The Kaplen JCC is committed to accessibility and is an ADA compliant handicapped-accessible facility. For more information of if you have any accessibility needs, please contact Ruthie Bashan at 201.408.1489 or rbashan@jccotp.org.

Inclusion is belonging.



Michael Kollender, Chair*
Craig Barnett, Vice President*
Dan Cohn, Vice President*
Alissa Epstein, Vice President*
Phyllis Perskie-Kesslen, Vice President*
Brandi Rubin, Vice President*
Josh Weingast, Treasurer*
Andrew Kent, Secretary*

* Executive Committee

Board of Directors

Katie Alster
Rona Anhalt
Becky Canarick
Orly Chen
Meghan Cutler
Nancy Epstein*
Noah Garden
Jenna Gutmann
Casey Halper
Mark Hirschberg
Vivian Holzer
Ariel Jacobs
Mitchell Lieberman
Bri Mankovsky
Dan Oelsner*
Eileen Pleva
Mark Rottenberg*
Caryn Sherry
Jillian Somberg
Benay Taub
Iris Wormser
Eyal Yechezkell
Barry Zeller

* Executive Committee

Board of Trustees

Edward A. Grossmann, Chair*
Martin Bernstein
Nancy G. Brown
Merle Fish
Gayle Gerstein
Dr. Sandra Gold
Tina Guberman*
Richard Kurtz
Dr. Martin S. Levitt
Robin Miller*
Susan Penn
Myron Rosner
JoJo Rubach*
Daniel Rubin*
Jodi Scherl*
Pearl Seiden*
Mark Shirvan
Stanley Shirvan
Arthur Sinensky*

* Executive Committee

Past Presidents and Chairs

George Feinberg z”l, 1947-48
Max Grobow z”l, 1948-49
Benjamin Casser z”l, 1949-58
Eugene Jacobson z”l, 1958-59
Ned Feldman z”l, 1959-62
Arthur Fisher z”l, 1962-66
Leonard Rubin z”l, 1966-70
Al Feltman z”l, 1970-74
James H. Grossmann z”l, 1974
Ira Fish z”l, 1974-76
Eleanor Epstein z”l, 1976-80
Henry Taub z”l, 1980-84
Charles Klatskin z”l, 1984-88
Dr. Sandra Gold, 1988-92
Dr. Martin S. Levitt, 1992-96
Edward A. Grossmann, 1996-00
Nancy I. Brown, 2000-04
Daniel Rubin, 2004-07
Robin Miller, 2007-10
Pearl Seiden, 2010-13
Tina Guberman, 2013-2015
JoJo Rubach, 2015-2018
Jodi Scherl, 2018-2021
Steve Rogers, 2021
Jodi Scherl, 2022
Arthur Sinensky, 2022-2024

Board of Advisors

Dr. Bernard Hammer
Margaret Kaplen
Dianne Nashel
Patricia Rosen