Waltuch Gallery

The Waltuch Art Gallery infuses Jewish art and/or works by Jewish artists into our shared cultural experiences. The exhibits are designed to ignite imagination and encourage people to connect the visual arts with philosophical and spiritual concepts through a creative Jewish lens.

The Waltuch Gallery exhibits rotate monthly, and feature the work of painters, photographers, digital artists and other creative designers.

Exhibits are free and open to the community, and all work is typically for sale. A portion of the proceeds support programming efforts at the JCC. The JCC also hosts an artist talkback dessert reception for each show.

Outdoor gallery exhibits are displayed throughout the Kaplen JCC Campus and indoors gallery exhibits are on the second floor of the main JCC building.

Exhibited Work


In recognition of Jewish Disabilities and Inclusion Awareness Month, celebrated in February each year, the Waltuch Gallery at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades is hosting “Art for All,” its annual art exhibition, which features the artistic talents of a wide range of people in the community.

Works include framed drawings and paintings, ceramics, sculptures, 3D printing, and photography. Each piece showcases the creative talents of differently abled children, teens, and adults. The exhibit is on display through February 29 with a free opening reception on Sunday, February 4.