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Ages3 years -8th grade

Emek is an Israeli language and cultural after school program for children from 3 years old through 8 grade. The program teaches modern Hebrew language and Israeli culture in a fun, hands-on way.

Students working in class.

Emek is an annual curriculum for Hebrew learning and Israeli culture, for children ages 3 to 9th grade.

The program exposes the students to Hebrew alongside of the Israeli culture in a fun and practical way.

In Emek we are committed to the quality of teaching together with rich contents that are important to us as Israeli parents raising our children aboard. Therefore, we offer:

1. Modern Hebrew – Annual modern Hebrew learning program for Hebrew-speaking children.

2. Professional curriculum- Our programs are approved by the Ministry of Education in Israel and focuses on reading, writing and reading comprehension.

3. Professional staff – Emek’s staff are experienced educators with extensive experience in Hebrew language teaching in Israel and around the world.

4. Small groups and personal attention – In order to ensure the proper attention to each student and their progress according to personal abilities, we will maintain small groups and a supportive teacher according to the number of students in the classroom.

注诪拽 讛讬讗 转讜讻谞讬转 诇讬诪讜讚讬诐 砖谞转讬转 诇诇讬诪讜讚 讛砖驻讛 讛注讘专讬转 讜讛转专讘讜转 讛讬砖专讗诇讬转, 诇讬诇讚讬诐 诪讻讬转讜转 讛讙谉 注讚 讻讬转讛 讟壮.
讛转讜讻谞讬转 讞讜砖驻转 讗转 讛讬诇讚讬诐 诇砖驻讛 讜诇转专讘讜转 讛讬砖专讗诇讬转 讘爪讜专讛 诪讛谞讛 讜诪注砖讬转.

讘注诪拽 讗谞讜 诪讞讜讬讬讘讬诐 诇讗讬讻讜转 讛讜专讗讛 诇爪讚 注讜砖专 讘转讻谞讬诐 讛讞砖讜讘讬诐 诇谞讜 讻讛讜专讬诐 讬砖专讗诇讬诐 讛诪讙讚诇讬诐 讗转 讬诇讚讬讛诐 诪讞讜抓 诇讬砖专讗诇. 注诇 讻谉 讗谞讜 诪爪讬注讬诐:

讗 – 注讘专讬转 诪讜讚专谞讬转, 转讜讻谞讬转 砖谞转讬转 诇诇讬诪讜讚 注讘专讬转 诪讜讚专谞讬转 注讘讜专 讬诇讚讬诐 讚讜讘专讬 注讘专讬转.

讘- 转讜讻谞讬转 诇讬诪讜讚讬诐 诪拽爪讜注讬转- 转讜讻谞讬讜转 讛诇讬诪讜讚 砖诇 注诪拽 诪讗讜砖专讜转 注”讬 诪砖专讚 讛讞讬谞讜讱 讘讬砖专讗诇 讜诪转诪拽讚讜转 讘拽专讬讗讛, 讻转讬讘讛 讜讛讘谞转 讛谞拽专讗.

讙 – 爪讜讜转 诪拽爪讜注讬 – 爪讜讜转 讛讛讜专讗讛 砖诇 注诪拽 诪讜专讻讘 诪讗谞砖讬 讞讬谞讜讱 讘注诇讬 谞住讬讜谉 专讘 讘讛讜专讗转 讛砖驻讛 讛注讘专讬转 讘讬砖专讗诇 讜讘注讜诇诐.

讚 – 讻讬转讜转 拽讟谞讜转 讜讬讞住 讗讬砖讬 – 注诇 诪谞转 诇讛讘讟讬讞 讗转 转砖讜诪转 讛诇讘 讛专讗讜讬讛 诇讻诇 转诇诪讬讚 讜讛转拽讚诪讜转 讘讛转讗诐 诇讬讻讜诇讜转 讗讬砖讬讜转, 谞拽驻讬讚 注诇 讻讬转讜转 拽讟谞讜转 讜诪讜专讛 诪住讬讬注转 讘讛转讗诐 诇诪住驻专 讛转诇诪讬讚讬诐 讘讻讬转讛.

Two boys working on a worksheet together.
Girl working on class work at her desk.
Kids dressed up in costumes listening to the teacher read a book.

The education/ learning environment Environment & Surroundings

Emek team鈥檚 goal is to enable learning in a pleasant, encouraging and challenging atmosphere. We emphasize learning in small homogeneous groups as possible with suitable teacher-students ratio.

The limited number of students in each group allows to have a group interaction that encourages dialogue and sharing in Hebrew, meaningful learning and social gathering. On the other hand,  Emek鈥檚 small groups enable personal attention tailored to the needs of the children.

The dividing to learning groups is based on the Hebrew level, in the fields of speech, understanding, reading and writing, together with age and personal suitability. Each new student in Emek will be invited brief introductory session by which we will determine his placement in a group.

In Emek we benefit from the JCC鈥檚 classes and facilities. Our classrooms are accessorized with the best equipment required to teach Hebrew in the most diverse and proper way.

Emek teachers have many years of experience in teaching the relevant age group, in Israel and within the Israeli community in the United States.

Please note: According to the program’s policy, photography and videos of the students is done on an ongoing basis for future advertising and marketing purposes. If you do not want your child’s photos to be used, please contact Emek’s administrative director by email prior to the beginning of the school year.

讛住讘讬讘讛 讛诇讬诪讜讚讬转

讛诪讟专讛 砖诇 爪讜讜转 注诪拽 讛讬讗 诇讗驻砖专 诇诪讬讚讛 讘讗讜讜讬专讛 谞注讬诪讛, 诪注讜讚讚转 讜诪讗转讙专转.
诪讘谞讛 讛讻讬转讛 诪讗驻砖专 讗讬谞讟专讗拽爪讬讛 拽讘讜爪转讬转 讛诪注讜讚讚转 砖讬讞 讘注讘专讬转, 诇诪讬讚讛 诪砖讜转驻转 讜诪砖诪注讜转讬转. 诪讘谞讛 讜讙讜讚诇 讛拽讘讜爪讛 诪讗驻砖专 讬讞住 讗讬砖讬 讛诪讜转讗诐 诇爪专讻讬 讛转诇诪讬讚讬诐.

讻讬转讜转 讛诇讬诪讜讚 诪讞讜诇拽讜转 注”驻 专诪转 讛注讘专讬转 (讚讬讘讜专, 讛讘谞讛, 拽专讬讗讛 讜讻转讬讘讛) 讜讙讬诇 讛讬诇讚/讛.
讻诇 讬诇讚 讞讚砖 砖谞专砖诐 诇注诪拽 讬讜讝诪谉 诇诪驻讙砖 讛讬讻专讜转 拽爪专 注诇 驻讬讜 谞拽讘注 讗转 讛砖讬讘讜抓 砖诇讜.

注诪拽 谞讛谞讛 诪讛诪讘谞讬诐 讛诪专讜讜讞讬诐 砖诇 讛讙’讬讬住讬住讬 讜诪讻讬转讜转 诪讗讜讘讝专讜转 讘讻诇 讛爪讬讜讚 讛谞讚专砖 诇讛讜专讗转 讛注讘专讬转 讘爪讜专讛 讛诪讙讜讜谞转 讜讛讟讜讘讛 讘讬讜转专.

诪讜专讜转 注诪拽 讛讬谞讜 谞砖讜转 讞讬谞讜讱, 讘注诇讜转 谞讬住讬讜谉 专讘 砖谞讬诐 讘讛讜专讗讛 诇拽讘讜爪转 讛讙讬诇 讛专诇讜讜谞讟讬转 讘讬砖专讗诇 讜讘讗专讛”讘 讘拽讛讬诇讛 讛讬砖专讗诇讬转.

砖讬诪讜 诇讘: 注诇 驻讬 诪讚讬谞讬讜转 讛转讜讻谞讬转, 爪讬诇讜诐 讛转诇诪讬讚讬诐 (转诪讜谞讜转 讜讜讬讚讗讜) 谞注砖讛 讘讗讜驻谉 砖讜讟祝 诇诪讟专讜转 驻讬专住讜诐 讜砖讬讜讜拽 注转讬讚讬讜转. 讗诐 讗讬谞讻诐 诪注讜谞讬讬谞讬诐 砖讬注砖讛 砖讬诪讜砖 讘转诪讜谞讜转 讬诇讚讻诐, 驻谞讜 诇诪谞讛诇转 讛讗讚诪讬谞讬住讟专讟讬讘讬转 砖诇 注诪拽 讘讗诪爪注讜转 讗讬诪讬讬诇 讜注讚讻谞讜 讗讜转讛 讘谞讬讚讜谉.


What is the registration policy?

At the time of registration we will charge a deposit of $70 + $80 for the books and materials.

During the registration you will be asked to set a payment plan by choosing a payment method (credit card or checking account). The tuition will be paid in 6 payments. The first one will be due September 25th聽.

What are the tuition costs?

  • Early Bird prices available through 6/15/2022
  • 5% sibling discount – use coupon code sibling5 (private and semi-private lessons are excluded)
  • JCC cash can be applied
  • Absence from class does not offset from monthly payment under any circumstances (including a family trip, a flight to Israel, family events, quarantine, illness*, etc.).

View Pricing Here

What is the cancellation policy?

In the event you cancel your child鈥檚 registration by August 31, 2022, you will receive a full refund of books & materials fees.

In the event you cancel your child鈥檚 registration between September 1, 2022 and January 31, 2023, you will receive a prorated refund of the number of classes that took place, less deposit and books & materials fees.

As of February 1, 2023, no refunds will be given.
* Special cases will be discussed separately by the management team.

Admittance of a student during the school year

Admittance of a student during the school year shall be approved, subject to availability in the appropriate group for that child based on age and fluency in Hebrew.

Emek鈥檚 class schedule

  • Classes will take place once a week, between 4:00pm-5:15pm or 5:30pm-6:45pm.
  • Please update your own calendar and note that changes may occur. We will update you about any changes as soon as possible.
  • In case of exceptional circumstances , the JCC will decide if a class will be canceled or will be held online. You will be sent a text message from the headteacher when this occurs.

View Schedule Here

Communication With Parents

We believe that our connection with you and your children is the basis of our success. We encourage parents to contact us with any questions, comments, requests or compliments. A list of emails and phone numbers of all relevant staff members will be given to EMEK families at the beginning of the year, and also can be found at the contact form below

Every teacher will send updates on a weekly basis so that parents will know what the children learned in class and what the homework assignments are for the next session so children can continue to learn at home and benefit from our program.

EMEK’s website contains a great deal of information for students and parents, which will help in understanding the curriculum and planned activities during the year. We would appreciate it if you visited our website.

On our Facebook page you can find pictures of your children studying and enjoying EMEK, regular updates on the activities at EMEK and the Israeli Center and ideas for activities with the children at home. Look for us at聽Emek at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades.

What is the Code of conduct?

We listen to every child and are respectful of their needs so we can help them reach their potential and enjoy their studies. In the same manner, we expect that the children will respect each other, their teachers and their environment. At the beginning of the year, each class will determine the code of conduct for the class. We are sure parents will be partners to our approach. Please let us know if any difficulty occurs during the year so we can to address any difficulty or need. And be sure to remind your children about the code of conduct so that EMEK continues to be a program that meets the needs of all of its students.

Get In Touch

Contact Us

Have a question about EMEK? Reach out to our team 鈥 we鈥檇 love to hear from you!

Please call (201) 408-1469 or email or fill in the form and we will get back to you.

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