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Health & Wellness

Group Exercise


Group exercise does more than build muscle! It builds relationships, provides energetic experiences, and creates a dynamic culture. It is the heart and soul of a training environment—the place where goals are achieved with the company.

Group exercise classes are offered six days a week and range from Zumba to Yoga, Cycling to Strength Training, and Aqua Aerobics in the indoor pool, to name a few.

Group class using resistance bands for arm exercises.
Outside group class using dumbbells.
Three ladies doing headstands.
Three ladies doing lunges.
Group class doing side lunges.
Two women doing plank taps.

Class Schedule


Age Less, Play More (Beginner)

Age is not a limitation! This low-impact workout is designed to work on strength, stability, alignment, and balance while having fun. We will use dumbbells, bands, and floor exercises to make you feel and look better.

Aqua Aerobics (Beginner)

This low-impact class will get you moving safely and with a smile. Join others from the community looking to improve circulation, regain range of motion, and support strength development. Exercise class in the pool reduces stress on the joints and increases stamina and range of motion. Water aerobic is beneficial for individuals with arthritis.

Balance Your Body (Beginner-Intermediate)

This low-impact class focuses on strength, increased range of motion, and improvement of posture and balance. You will utilize and be familiarized with many modalities, including free weights, medicine balls, body bars, resistance bands, steps, and mat work. Just because you are lying down does not mean you will be relaxed!


This total body class utilizes ballet-inspired movement to target the muscles for a deep burn. The isometric exercises increase endurance, strength, and coordination. The core, glutes, quadriceps and arms will be challenged in this precise and disciplined class.

Body Firm & Sculpt

Full-body conditioning workout for everyone designed to enhance muscle definition, balance, strength, and endurance on major muscle groups. Using a different type of equipment each week to add to your workout library.

Body Sculpt (Beginner-Intermediate)

Nothing will be left out of this one: kettlebells, weighted bars, dumbbells, BOSUs, and more! This total body class leaves nothing left in the tank. Come ready to work!

Breakfast Club

Start your day with the Breakfast Club workout. Build muscles and strengthen your core and add some cardio intervals.

Cardio Booty Barre (Beginner-Intermediate)

A total body workout that combines Pilates, Ballet and Yoga to target the core from all sides: glutes, abdominals, obliques and pelvic floor. Isometric exercises increase time under tension and help to sculpt lean lines.


Rock out to some incredible jams while you climb hills, fight wind tunnels and sprint your way to greater fitness. This class is designed for anyone who wants to be better and feel a part of a team. Our clips are SPD, but cages are available to those without cycling shoes.

Cardio Conditioning (intermediate-Advanced)

Push your body to the limit in this class that is designed to leave you breathless. Challenge your cardiovascular capacity and muscular endurance in this fast-paced, non-stop, super satisfying class.

Cardio Strength Conditioning

Condition the body through cardio and strength intervals—movements designed to maximize time and define the body.

Circuit Stations

A full-body workout as you move from station to station using different equipment and working both cardio and strength intervals—a fast-paced, high-energy, and most importantly, FUN workout that will make the time fly by.

Fit & Strong (Beginner)

This low-impact class keeps you on your toes with various modalities: steps, weights, bands, and medicine balls, to name a few! Work on stability, balance, and bone density while singing along with your favorite tunes from the 50’s through to today.

FUNdamental Fitness (Intermediate-Advanced)

Coach Kimani Greene has revamped this class to take your training to the next level. You will move through all planes of motion while challenging your strength, endurance, and power. Through a combination of carefully chosen bodyweight, plyometric and dumbbell exercises, you are guaranteed to leave it all on the floor!

Fundamental Strength

Build your strength with this action-packed total body class. Bring a mat, towel, and a smile.

HIIT (Intermediate-Advanced)

High-Intensity Interval Training will challenge your aerobic capacity in a high-energy workout combining calisthenics, light to moderate weights, and a wide variety of equipment. This class will leave you feeling sweaty in the best way possible.


Low Impact Power Hour Toning. This modified class format removes the plyometrics and focuses on sculpting the body in sustained movements that challenge your body and mind.


Challenge & sculpt your physique in a low-impact, high-intensity muscle & balance work. You are mixing up kickboxing, off the barre, yoga, and Pilates into one workout.

Pilates Mat (Beginner)

This class teaches an approach to a strength that starts at the core and extends throughout the body. Pilates will teach core and breath that supports and strengthen your body through other endeavors with a focused and deliberate approach.

Power Hour (Intermediate)

Heart-pumping cardio intervals are combined with weight training and core work in this non-stop sweat sesh. This high-energy class will leave you feeling powerful both inside and out.

Power Vinyasa Yoga (intermediate, advanced)

This Yoga practice will challenge your strength and push you to new levels. The poses and flows increase both power and resilience.

Rise & Shine Sculpting

Start your day with a total body workout. Work all muscle groups with a variety of strengthening and conditioning exercises. Utilizing different types of equipment to enhance the workout.

Stretch, Strength, and Align (Beginner)

Led by our dedicated Occupational Therapist, this class is designed to create solid foundational fitness to support the activities of daily living. Mobility, stability, and posture are targeted utilizing techniques from Pilates, Yoga, and Feldenkrais. Standing and mat work required.

Sweat & Sculpt

Intervals based full body High intensity low impact workout that combines Pilates and Strength training. Using bosu, bands, stability balls, weights etc., this class will strengthen and tone arms, legs, and core.

Tabata Circuits

A dynamic and functional class provides a full-body workout using equipment and bodyweight exercises incorporating Tabata interval timing.

Wave (Intermediate-Advanced)

Wave stands for Weights, Agility, Volume, and Elevation—bootcamp style class where strength and cardio exercises are performed in circuits with a time limit for completion.


Vinyasa Yoga is all about the flow — with each cycle, you will add something to increase complexity. Let this class increase your yoga toolbox! It will leave you feeling accomplished, centered, and ready for your next challenge.

Yoga 101 (Beginner)

This accessible Yoga class is designed to unify mind, body, and soul. Create body awareness, improve circulation, develop strength and access your parasympathetic system. This is a class for every busy person looking to take a mindful moment for themselves.

Zumba (Beginner-Intermediate)

Get up and DANCE! This Latin-inspired group dancing class teaches dance segments that are threaded together to create fun and fulfilling movement. The unique community found in the Zumba studio ensures that you will leave with a smile on your face.

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As the seasons change, keep in mind that outdoor group exercise classes are held weather permitting; to make up for that we will be increasing the number of indoor classes and utilize big spaces at the J, such as the auditorium, to allow ample social distancing in classes. Reservations are required for all classes on the JCCOTP App.

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