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Private Swim Instruction

We are happy to offer a more inclusive swim experience with Private Lessons.

Instructor and student smiling in the pool.

We offer a wide range of Private and Semi-Private to help develop stokes, build confidence, and train for the future.

Featuring adaptive Private Swim Lessons, Semi-Private Swim lessons, and Master Private Lessons. For each private swim level, we offer 30 minutes, 45 minutes time options in addition to various package options. See details below.

Instructor helping a student float on their back in the pool.
Boy swimming the breast stroke.
Instructor helping a student swim with the aid of a pool noodle.
Instructor helping an adult woman swim.


Private Lessons

For a 1:1 ratio with experienced swim instructors, all ages and swim level’s accepted.

Master Swim Lessons

For a more defined and structured approach, explore our master Swim Instructor options. All Master instructors have 10+ years of experience with a professional swim background.

Adaptive Swim Lessons

Intake assessments with both the Director of Special Services and the Aquatics Director are required. Contact Shelley Levy at the Guttenberg Center for Special Services.

Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Have a group? Looking to start your own private class? Now you can! Two participants are required. Aquatics does not create semi-private classes. If you purchase a semi-private lesson, you must have a partner or partners to create your group. Price is per participant. Please call to schedule or verify appointments. 


For information and to be linked with an instructor, please call 201.408.1473 or email

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