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Support Groups

Learning new coping skills help ease the burden of struggling with challenges.

One person putting their hand on another persons hand in support group.

Feel less alone with your personal concerns when you share your honest and open feelings without judgement in a safe and nurturing environment.

What makes a good support group? Feeling heard, valued and validated. Everyone is welcome to join our compassionate support groups to help you improve your coping skills during challenging times.


Widows and Widowers: You Are Not Alone
Judy Brauner, LCSW Therapist
This bereavement group for those recently widowed provides an opportunity to share your feelings with others that understand. Therapist Judy Brauner will help you talk about the changes in your family life, social relationships and sense of self. Make friendships that will help you heal.
Reservations required, call Esther 201.408.1456
7 Tuesdays, Oct 12-Nov 23, 4-5:15pm, $40 /$50
Sponsored in part by the Edwin S. Soforenko Foundation

For further information and to register contact Esther at

Strength To Strength Virtual
Facilitator: Jeffrey A. Berman, MD, FA, SAM
A support group for parents, whose children (ages 15-25) are dealing with issues of addiction, psychological disorders and/or co-occurring issues. A safe and confidential environment.
First and third Wednesday evening of each month:
8 Wednesdays, Oct 6-Jan 19, 7-8:30 pm, $80/$100

For further information and to register contact Esther at