iPad Lending Library

If you are or know of a senior adult experiencing feelings of social isolation during this pandemic, we can help.

Senior man reading on an ipad.

Our JCC Senior Adult Department offers a daily selection of programs that provide socialization, exercise, learning, laughing and even “singing to the Oldies”!

The iPad Lending Library is our newest offering that delivers a preloaded iPad to any Senior who needs, with ongoing tech support to ensure every senior can benefit from the array of live and interactive classes.

Choose from 20 classes each week including daily chair exercise, musical concerts, interactive social programs, games, art tours and hobby classes.

Don’t miss out! Call Jerico Rilla at 201-569-7900 ext. 123 or email to find out more information or to sign up!

Senior playing a game on an ipad.

These JCC Senior Club classes have been so therapeutic for my mom. The face-recognition and social engagement has helped maintain her cognitive function. The exercise classes keep her moving and the puzzles and other classes make her think but more importantly we see her laughing and smiling every day.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and professionalism. We have come to depend on you. We plan our work meetings around the JCC meeting times.