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Health & Wellness

Personal Training


Take in the benefit of a personal trainer, for a stronger mind-body connection.

Woman throwing a medicine ball to a man in the gym.

Get back to training or jump start your personal fitness plan by working with certified personal trainers in dedicated workout spaces.

Whether you choose one of our new indoor studios or outdoor training area you can expect a safe and effective experience.

Woman and man boxing outside.
Woman assisting woman on the Pilates reformer machine.
Man and boy doing low planks.
Woman pushing a cart pull of heavy ropes.
Trainer holding down feet of woman as she does a sit up.


Personal Training

Teen Training 

Virtual Training 

Master Personal Training

Various time and session options available. 

Meet Hagit Tal

Director of Group Exercise Health and Wellness

As Group Ex Director, Hagit oversees our extensive member programming: virtual formats and on-demand library as well as indoor/outdoor classes. She also manages our fee-based Pilates apparatus program. She has […]

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