Elana Prezant

Supervisor, Heart to Heart
The Israeli Center


Graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson, Teaneck

Quick Facts

  • My happy place is Israel!!
  • Love spontaneity more from year to year.
  • Love to organize messes

Ever since Elana joined the JCC she loved being involved in programs, committees, events and more. Elana went through participation in many different departments and has worked as a volunteer with many fabulous and committed people. She loved growing in a leadership capacity and gaining more self confidence along the journey. 

Elana has many hands in many different areas from retail, marketing, personal organizing and more. But her favorite professional role was as the director of Open Hearts Open Homes for Israeli teens effected by terrorism. Elana loves her relationships that came out of years of heading that. It was a position she had that met many of her strengths; organizing and planning, interviewing, meeting and connecting with new people, being the emotional support for those needed and so much more. 

She is proud that two of her children live in Israel and her husband, Jeff, are supportive of their decision. She also is looking forward to this new challenge of working and building Heart to Heart.

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