Early Childhood


Ages2 years old by 10/15/24

Our Twos Program focuses on the social and emotional development of young children. They begin to move from parallel play to cooperative interactions that teach empathy towards one another, learning how to become part of a classroom community.

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Children in our twos program develop their language skills through exposure to a print-rich environment. They immerse in an environment of inquiry, allowing for opportunities to explore concepts of cause and effect, sorting, patterning, and problem-solving. Each day they engage in open-ended creative art, as well as fine motor and gross motor activities that introduce colors, shapes, numbers, storytelling, and so much more.

Our twos program prepares children for more complex learning and sets them up for success for the threes program and beyond!

Jewish values, Shabbat, and Jewish holidays are celebrated in a way that makes all feel welcome and included.

Children enjoy special enrichment activities throughout the week, led by experts from other JCC departments. Sample activities include:

  • Athletics
  • Creative Movement

Extracurricular Classes
Families have the option of enrolling in a variety of extracurricular enrichment classes outside of their tuition, from swimming to sports to dance, and we will escort them to and from these classes!

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