Early Childhood


Ages4 years old by 10/15/24

Children in our Fours Program develop the necessary skills for kindergarten readiness and beyond! Our curriculum encourages them to develop higher-level thinking skills, including reasoning, problem solving, identifying complex patterns, and classifying by attributes. Social and emotional skills continue to be developed by more sophisticated negotiation and dialogue.

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Our fours program also emphasizes pre-reading and writing skills. Using an approach inspired by Handwriting Without Tears, children engage in activities that help strengthen the muscles in their hands, preparing them to grip a pencil and for emerging letter formation.

Children enjoy special enrichment activities throughout the week, led by experts from other JCC departments. Sample activities include:

  • Athletics
  • Music
  • Red Cross Certified Swimming

Jewish values, Shabbat, and Jewish holidays are celebrated in a way that makes all feel welcome and included. 

Extracurricular Classes
Families have the option of enrolling in a variety of extracurricular enrichment classes outside of their tuition, from swimming to sports to dance, and we will escort them to and from these classes!

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