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Emek Adult Ulpan

Ulpan is an Israeli method for teaching and improving all Hebrew language skills—speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing.

Classes are held once a week for an hour.


This program is for adults with little to no knowledge of the Hebrew language. This semester we will offer two beginner levels:

Beginners 1:  We will learn Hebrew letters, vowels (Nikud), how to write and read in Hebrew script as well as basic vocabulary.

Jan 18, 2023 – May 30, 2024
Thursdays 7 PM -8 PM ; 18 Classes
Public $849 / Members $727
$35 registration fee, $80 books & materials

Beginners 3:  In the Beginners 3 course, our emphasis will shift towards enhancing conversational abilities, advanced counting, and understanding possession. We’ll delve into fresh vocabulary and continue sharpening both reading (printed text) and writing (script).

Jan 31, 2023 – May 29, 2024
Wednesdays 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Public $675 / Members $600

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