Percussion Ensemble

The notion of drummers playing together harks back to the beginning of mankind. Percussion Ensemble comes from that energy combined with the wealth of written pieces over the past century and fills a need for young players to have their own chamber music outlet.  Students share melody, harmony and rhythm playing drums, marimba, timpani and many other instruments. Young percussionists improve overall musicianship, especially their skill in following a conductor.

Audition required for new students.  Contact Robyn Searles at to schedule an audition.

30 times on Thursdays
7:15 PM - 8:15 PM
Oct 3 - Jun 11
Except: Nov 28, Dec 26, Jan 2, Feb 20, Apr 9, Apr 16, May 28
$1,025.00 Member
$1,130.00 Public
For more information, or to register, please call 201-408-1465.

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