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Explore the world of STEAM—science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics at Neil Klatskin Summer Camp. These one-of-a-kind summer camps combine immersive intellectual activities with traditional camp experiences to stretch your child's mind!


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STEAM Camps at the Neil Klatskin Summer Camps utilize science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, to give campers the experience of a lifetime!

The multitude of activities are designed to pique curiosity, dive into interests, and stretch minds. This non-traditional camp opportunity is intellectual and stimulating, but also combines daily swim and special events to ensure that campers get the full experience of all that camp has to offer.


Fine Arts Camp

Grades 3-7

Get creative and have a blast at Fine Arts Camp! Each week campers focus on a different, exciting project that will incorporate new art skills, methodology and mediums. There’s no question why this is one of our post popular specialty camps. The crafts that come out of this camp are simply spectacular!

Session 1: Fiber Arts: (June 26-July 7)
Fiber arts is a style of fine art which uses textiles such as fabric, yarn, and natural and synthetic fibers. It focuses not only on the materials, but the importance of the work that goes into it. In this camp we will explore the art of felting, weaving and sewing.

Session 2: Sculptastic (July 10-21) – SOLD OUT
Using multiple mediums, use your imagination to create incredible 3D art. Some will be soft, some will be hard, but all will be super fun to create and uniquely you.

Session 3: Hungry for Art (July 24-August 4) – SOLD OUT
While exploring a variety of different methods and mediums we will create cakes, candies and more. All will look look good enough to eat- but are definitely not edible.

Session 4: Fashion Dolls (August 7-18)
With some lessons in fashion design, campers will learn to sketch an original outfit. With the sketch complete, they will not only learn to hand sew a miniature version of the outfit, but a fashion doll to put it on.

Science Camp

Grades 4-6

Actively applying science concepts outside of the classroom has a lasting effect on children, and summer camp is a great place to start exploring in an exciting and supportive environment! Experienced science teachers facilitate a challenging and innovative program using hands-on experiments, projects, and lots of FUN!

Session 1: We’re the Engineers! (June 26-July 7)
Shake up your child’s summer with the real fun of building and coding LEGO robots! This 2-week camp program is the perfect place for them to discover the engineering secrets behind the machines that we use to create our world. Whether it’s building a robotic crane to lift heavy objects, or a robotic earthquake simulator to test their own earthquake resistant buildings, this camp for 3rd-5th graders it’s a great opportunity for them to combine the real fun of LEGO robotics, with the real discovery of the fundamental concepts that help us build our world!

Session 2: Let’s Experiment! (July 10-21)
There is no limit to the fun that is in store for you child as they join their camp mates in a series of low- and high-tech experiments. Campers will team up to test the world around them using a variety of tools and tricks to discover the different ways sounds travel, the many ways to use light and heat, and more! Each day will bring with new challenges and new ways to have fun!

Session 3: Let’s Play a Game (July 24-August 4)
Make your child’s summer more than just the roll of the dice as they join their campmates in creating their own real and virtual games! Campers will create both physical games and video games (coded using the Scratch programming language), using both to develop their understanding of how to create the rules that govern the game, create situations that excite the player, and develop multiple games that they and their friends can enjoy over and over.

Session 4: We’re on a Roll! (August 7-18)
Your child is on the road to fun when they join their campmates in building and discover their own simple and powered vehicles. Using a variety of materials, including LEGO Mindstorms Robotics kits, your child will create a whole variety of moving machines. They’ll discover the forces they need to move their own Roller Coasters, the gears needed to to speed up their drag racers, and even the sensors they’ll need to keep their “smart” vehicles on the road.

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