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Explore the world of STEAM—science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics at Neil Klatskin Summer Camp. These one-of-a-kind summer camps combine immersive intellectual activities with traditional camp experiences to stretch your child's mind!


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STEAM Camps at the Neil Klatskin Summer Camps utilize science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, to give campers the experience of a lifetime!

The multitude of activities are designed to pique curiosity, dive into interests, and stretch minds. This non-traditional camp opportunity is intellectual and stimulating, but also combines daily swim and special events to ensure that campers get the full experience of all that camp has to offer.


Fine Arts Camp

Grades 3-7

Our Fine Arts Camp last summer was a shining success. Our campers truly left their mark with creative pieces that blew everyone’s minds. Our creative team is headed back to the drawing board to serve up some new ideas and we will keep you updated once the lineup is set for Summer 2023. Take a look at what we showcased in Summer 2022:

Session 1: Sew Crazy
Express your personal style and creativity through the art of hand sewing. Learn the ins and outs of basic and decorative stitches and other useful skills like sewing on buttons! Through hand sewing and embroidery you will create unique and whimsical art that you can hold, squeeze and possibly even wear!

Session 2: Sculptastic
Welcome to the fantastic world of sculpting! Using a wide variety of mediums, we’ll explore how to create incredible 3D art. Come explore different textures and techniques while making something uniquely YOU!

Session 3: Eat Art Up
Create art that looks good enough to eat! (But is definitely not edible)! Clay, paper, fabric, and beads are just a few items on our “grocery list”. We’ll mix up these ingredients to make paper mache ice cream cones, clay blow pops, felt donuts, and more realistic treats! Bring your appetite for creativity!

Session 4: Wide World of Art
Let’s set sail on our homemade hot air balloons for a worldwide adventure of a lifetime. Not only will we create artwork based on some of the world’s most famous sights, but our multicultural creations will also help us learn about the world around us. Let the adventure begin!

Science Camp

Grades 4-6

Our Science Camp was out of this world last summer and we cannot wait to show you what we have in store for Summer 2023! We’re currently working out the details for an amazing curriculum filled with fun, exploration, and imagination and will share the details soon. Here’s a glimpse of what we offered in Summer 2022:

Session 1: Powered by the Sun 
Campers will discover the many ways our world is powered by the sun! Campers can expect to do experiments with plants and photosynthesis, evaporation & condensation, solar electricity, and more, utilizing technology to track things like light levels and temperature.

Session 2: Rise of the Machines 
Campers will engage with levers, gear, and more as they discover a whole range of simple and complex machines. From the simple rollers that let the Egyptians craft the great pyramids, to catapults and even the axles and gears that make our cars go, campers will get a hands-on chance to use some of man-kinds greatest machines! 

Session 3: Out of this World!
Campers will launch into the science of matter and gravity as they explore the cosmos in and around our solar system! Campers can expect to do experiments on the states of matter, and how gravity works on our planet and in the solar system, as well as construct and code robots to help them pursue their dreams of space exploration!

Session 4: Wired for Fun! (Code, Electronics & Communication)
Campers can engage in a world of electrifying fun as they discover the evolution of electronics and communication! They will explore the world of electrical devices, from creating simple circuits and morse code messages to complex gadgets and smartphone apps! 

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