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Neil Klatskin Day Camp provides the ultimate summer of outdoor adventure, friendship, and nonstop fun. Days are filled with a diverse range of activities that allow each camper to explore their interests in a warm and safe environment.


Neil Klatskin Day Camp offers children the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of exciting activities tailored for each age group.

Our camps feature rich and thoughtful curriculum that encourages curiosity and play in a warm, safe environment. Theme days and special events take the excitement of camp to the next level.

Everything we do, every relationship we build, is rooted in Jewish values, guided by our philosophy of creating a welcoming community where every camper is encouraged and supported to stretch their talents, create lifelong friendships and develop a love of the outdoors.


Camp Katan

Age 2
Camp Katan is our first camp experience for our young campers. It introduces children to an interactive experience in a caring, warm environment. Our staff are trained to help young children separate from parents and caregivers and become independent proud campers and learners. This summer adventure features daily indoor and outdoor play, splashing around our fabulous water park, exciting water activities, special programs such as story time, foam parties, singing, Shabbat celebrations and more. Camp Katan runs form 9am-12pm 5 days a week. Lunch and Towel Service is included.

Camp Mavar

Age 3
Camp Mavar is our introductory camp program for all campers turning three by 10/15/24. Mavar campers will be exposed to the different activities that Neil Klatskin Day Camp has to offer in a package appropriate for 3 year olds. Campers are not required to be potty trained, but we do encourage it. Mavar is offered from 9:00am-2:00pm or from 9:00am-4:00pm which includes a rest time consistent with their year round routine. Each group is home based in an air conditioned early childhood classroom and campers will enjoy both indoor and outdoor camp activities.

Camp Kadima

Age 4
Camp Kadima offers a nurturing, supportive and structured experience for preschool campers turning four by 10/15/24. Special attention is given to meet the physical needs of each child, while fostering social growth and emotional development. Air-conditioned rooms serve as home-base out of the summer heat, but campers also enjoy all that our outdoor campus has to offer, including the splash pad, pools, and expansive fields. With all the fun in store, a rest period is build into the schedule each day.

Camp G’dolim

Grades K-6
Camp G’dolim is an experience of a lifetime for school aged kids. Days are filled with adventure and a range of activities, allowing kids to explore their interests. With unbelievable variety, children are empowered to shape their camp days while building leadership and social skills in an encouraging environment. New age-appropriate experiences are introduced at every level, keeping kids challenged. Theme days and special entertainment take the excitement and fun of camp to the next level. Our weekly Shabbat celebrations ignite such an incredible sense of community and joy among our campers that they look forward to it all week!

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