Martial Arts


Our martial arts classes will strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. With classes for students as young as 2, this mental and physical practice builds character as much as ability.

Young boy in a martial arts robe.

Our martial arts classes instill the most positive practices in students that have the power to transform lives. Students have the opportunity to build their character through the mental and physical practice of martial arts with advanced teachers.

For the mind, we build kindness, respect to others, self-discipline, and self-control. For the body, our practice gives us coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength. And finally, for our spirit, we learn perseverance, honesty, integrity, hard work, positivity, and humility.

Young boys sitting in martial arts class.
Young boy karate chopping a board.
Young boy karate chopping a board.

The age categories are:

Ages 3-5
Ages 6-9
Ages 10-16

Students will participate in a belt promotion one-two times a year based on individual progress assessed by Master Park and will have the ability to reach the below belt levels. 

 Belt levels:

  1. White
  2. Yellow
  3. Orange
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Purple
  7. Brown
  8. Brown/Black
  9. Red
  10. Red/Black (Poom)
  11. Black


Are uniforms required?

Uniforms are available for purchase at $40 upon request.

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