Krav Maga

Fitness and Self-Defense Fusion, Krav Maga! Join our 8 week course each Wednesday night at 8pm, Dec. 1 - Jan. 19.

Escape + defend + attack = unleashing your inner warrior!

This Fitness and Self-Defense Fusion class is guaranteed to get your heart-pumping and your confidence up! Each class starts with an efficient and challenging calisthenics workout that primes the body for that day’s skill lesson. Feel your level of fitness increase as you learn how to escape holds, defend against attacks, and unleash your inner warrior. 

Class Information

Member $496 | Non-Member $596 

Meet your coach
Ronnie Allen has been a fitness professional for 14 years, Martial Artist since 1996. He is 2nd degree black belt in Karate, advanced blue belt in Jui Jitsu and Krav Maga instructor for over a decade. He is passionate about growth of the body and mind. He can’t wait to join our community.


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Krav Maga 8 Week Fall Class


Member $496.00
Non-Member $596.00