The Young People’s Chorus @ Thurnauer 

Come sing with us! The Young People’s Chorus @ Thurnauer (YPC@T) is Bergen County’s Premier Youth Choir. Ranging in age from 6-18 years, with diverse and challenging repertoire, the choristers perform frequently and work with professional artists and composers. Hundreds of children have sung with YPC@T! Attending rehearsal at the JCC Thurnauer School of Music or in our after-school  satellite programs. YPC@T is an affiliate of the award-winning Young People’s Chorus of New York City.   

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Our Mission 

The Young People’s Chorus is a choral program whose MISSION is to provide children of all cultural and economic backgrounds with a unique program of music education and choral performance that seeks to fulfill each child’s potential, while creating a model of artistic excellence and diversity that enriches the community.  Through this model, children learn to recognize the value of everyone’s voice. The founder of the Young People’s Chorus is a MacArthur Fellow and Musical America’s 2018 Educator of the Year, Francisco Nunez. Currently there are over 1,900 children in New York City who belong to a Young People’s Chorus.   

Our YPC @ Thurnauer 

Children who join our Young People’s Chorus @ Thurnauer practice and perform with youth from all over Bergen County. The choir sings music from a variety of different cultures and spend time researching and discussing the cultural context for each piece of music.  Choristers learn fun choreography, participate in team-building activities, and perform with professional artists. YPC@T choristers can take private instrument and voice lessons, theory and ear training classes, chamber music, and orchestra with highly trained teachers who are still performing in their field. At the Thurnauer School of Music, YPC@T choristers become well-rounded musicians. 

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Our JCC Choirs 

Prelude Choir (ages 6-9) 

Choristers in the Prelude division perform at least five times during the year and sing a variety of classical, folk, and jazz pieces with choreography. Lessons in team building, sight-reading, and vocal development are included in every rehearsal. 

Starts 9/18/23

Concert Choir (ages 10+) 

With more advanced repertoire, Concert Choristers learn to sing in multiple parts, read music in harmony, and produce a long-lasting healthy vocal sound. Choristers perform frequently and have opportunities to share their ideas about the music, adding their own personal touches to pieces. Solo opportunities and choreography are frequently included! 

Starts 9/18/23

AMANI CHOIR: AGES 11+ for those with lower voices, changing or already changed. 

Designed for those with changing or changed voices, the Amani Choir helps navigate the vocal changes of youth. Choristers are encouraged to take both Amani Choir and Concert Choir. Choristers will develop their voice, learn choreography and perform. Styles covered: a cappella, classical, pop, and world music. 

Starts 9/18/23

The Amani Choir will rehearse as a group of lower voices from 5:15pm-6:00pm, and then join our treble voices of Concert Choir to sing SATB music, or mixed voices music from 6:00pm-7:00pm.

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Start a choir in your school! 

Let us come to you! YPC@T has long history of satellite choirs in different schools! We have provided after-school and in-school choral programs in Englewood, New Milford, Emerson, Hackensack, and Paterson NJ. All satellite choirs perform with our main choirs at the JCC! 

Choristers in our satellite choirs have multiple performance opportunities, receive a uniform and snack, and can be recommended for a scholarship to the Thurnauer School of Music’s Instrument program.   

YPC@T has incredible resources, connections, and teachers to bring your choral program to the next level. YPC@T can tailor your choral program to your schools curriculum, providing performances for your winter and spring showcases and special events. With YPC@T you can make music right at your school and foster the value of coming together for the common goal of sharing art in vocal performance. 

To start a YPC@T program in your school, contact our staff at 201-569-7900 x 230 today! 

Our Choral Packages 

We offer both in-school and after-school YPC@T packages that adapt to your specific music program needs. In both packages, students will receive an excellent choral education and opportunities to share their musical growth in performance. 

All choristers who participate in our In-School Choral Program or our After-School Choral Program for one year will receive an invitation to apply for scholarship to the Thurnauer School of Music’s highly acclaimed Instrument Program.  

In-School Program 

In-school choirs can practice for 10, 15, or 30 weeks and include performance opportunities. 

To discuss what would work best for your school, please email Emma Brondolo, artistic director at

The In-School Choral Program includes participation in your existing biannual school concerts, and an annual YPC@T concert at the JCC. It also includes all music, piano accompaniment, learning tracks, and a t-shirt! Our incredible staff is ready to collaborate with you on matters of choral and general music. 

Looking to find In-School Program funds? YPC@T can assist in applying for grants to help fund your choral experience! 

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After-School Program 

Includes 30 rehearsals and 4+ performances during the year 

In the After-School Choral Program, your school will become a YPC@T satellite choir program. Equipped with all a Young People’s Chorus @ Thurnauer has to offer, including challenging and unique repertoire from around the world, uniforms, busing, snack, vocal coaching, piano accompaniment, recordings, and music! Your future chorister will enjoy performing at YPC@T’s fun-packed field trips and competitions, as well as creating lifelong bonds with YPC@T choristers from other schools. 

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Thurnauer’s Source of Singing 

Our choirs at Thurnauer divide by age and vocal development. Each chorister receives music, a uniform, performance opportunities, and the ability to study music within our community music school. 

The YPC@T choral program is part of the JCC Thurnauer School of Music, New Jersey’s leading community music school. The Thurnauer School of Music is open to all. Designated a “Major Arts Institution” by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, it offers a rigorous and comprehensive program of private lessons for students of all ages on piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and voice; musicianship classes; and orchestral, choral, jazz, and chamber ensembles.  

Reaching over 5,000 individuals annually, the school also offers master classes with nationally and internationally renowned artists; concerts by the resident Thurnauer Chamber Music Society, distinguished faculty members and guest artists; student performances throughout the tri-state area; and highly regarded partnerships with public and private schools in the community.