Guttenberg Center for Special Services

Social Stars

Our Social Stars social skills group offers a supportive and inclusive environment tailored to meet the needs of children facing various challenges.

Social Stars

Social Stars is a dynamic and inclusive program designed to empower children ages 3-17 with essential social skills for lifelong success. Through engaging weekly sessions led by experienced professionals, children are grouped by age and developmental level to receive personalized attention and support. Our curriculum focuses on fostering friendship-making abilities, boosting self-confidence, and refining appropriate social behaviors through interactive activities such as role-playing, group interactions, and cooperative play. 

With groups limited to 8 children, each participant receives meaningful guidance and encouragement to thrive socially. Parent involvement is encouraged, with initial and final sessions dedicated to providing valuable feedback and recommendations. For children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, and learning and communication differences, who are conversational and can independently participate.

Classes will meet on Tuesday or Wednesday and each course session will be 45 minutes and within a 4:30-8:15 pm time frame. Once you complete the intake form (link below) and have an in-person meeting, your child will be assigned their class day and time. You cannot register for this class until the intake has occurred.

The Kaplen JCC is a qualified agency through NJ Children’s System of Care/PerformCare.

What We Offer:

Focused Learning: Our group is dedicated to teaching a variety of social skills essential for making friends, boosting self-confidence, and fostering appropriate behavior.

Interactive Sessions: Through role-playing, group interactions, and cooperative play, children have the opportunity to practice these skills in a safe and encouraging setting.

Tailored Support: We understand the unique needs of each child and provide personalized guidance to help them thrive socially.

Professional Guidance: Led by experienced facilitators trained in child development and social-emotional learning.

Who Can Benefit:

Our program is beneficial for children who:

  • Experience shyness or social anxiety
  • Struggle with reading social cues
  • Have difficulty expressing their emotions
  • Find it challenging to understand others’ feelings
  • Struggle with making and maintaining friendships
  • Experience low self-esteem
  • Face difficulties with sharing and taking turns
  • Are diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities, or high-functioning ASD

Questions? Contact Ruthie Bashan at or 201.408.1489