Health & Wellness



Address your personal health and wellness goals with concentrated support right here at your J.

Colorful assortment of health food and water bottles and workout gear.

Develop and sustain healthy new eating habits with personalized shopping instructions, meal plans, recipes, and accountability.

Nutrition programs are by appointment only. For more information or help scheduling please contact

Colorful assortment of vegetables


Initial Consultation

New Clients Only – 60 minutes

One-on-One Nutrition Sessions

30 Minutes
Designed for individuals who have already taken advantage of 60 min initial evaluation. Meet regularly with a Nutritionist to touch base, discuss concerns and stay on track.

Nutrition Session Pricing

60 Minute Initial Consultation
# of Sessions Cost Per Session Total Cost
1 $85 $85
30 Minute Nutrition Session
# of Sessions Cost Per Session Total Cost
1 $50 $50
5 $43.80 $219
10 $41.90 $419