AgesGrades K-12

Our jazz classes are directed toward giving children a solid jazz foundation and building proper technique. The classes begin with a full jazz warm-up, followed by across the floor exercises, and wraps up with a center combination. Learn fun dances to current pop music!

Dance performance on stage all in blue leotards.


Jazz 1

Grades K-2
Sun 9/11-6/4 10:00-10:45am $800/$995

Jazz 2

Grades 3-4
Thu 9/15-6/8 6:00-7:00pm $800/$995

Jazz 3

Grades 5-6
Thu 9/15-6/8 7:00-8:00pm $800/$995

Jazz 4

Grades 7-8
Thu 9/15-6/8 6:00-7:00pm $800/$995

Jazz 5

Grades 9-12
Sun 9/11-6/4 12:00-1:00pm $800/$995

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