Thurnauer Music Education Resources

This page provides resources that may be helpful and enjoyable to Thurnauer families and others.  From the benefits of studying music, to apps for a metronome, tips for practicing, humorous videos, and lists of where to hear local concerts, there are many valuable resources. 

These resources are not comprehensive and the school does not officially endorse any site, store, magazine, app or book.  

Tips For Parents

Music Competitions

For a list of competitions, including details such as eligibility, nomination deadlines, audition dates and more: click here

These are in addition to competitions at Thurnauer – concerto, master classes, Kaplan Honors Recital, Mayadas Piano Honors Recital, etc.

Summer Festivals and Camps

For a list of summer camps and festivals, including those at Thurnauer, click Summer Festivals and Camps.

Benefits of Music Education

The Benefits of Music Education (from PBS)

20 Benefits of Music in our Schools (from the National Association for Music Education)

Benefits to the Brain (from VH1 Save the Music)

NAMM Foundation: Music Research Ted Talk – The Value of Music Education 

About Instruments

Instrument Rental, Purchase, Maintenance and Repair

For resources about Instrument Rental, Purchase, Maintenance and Repair, click here

Click here to read a blog post about the Basics of Instrument Care and Maintenance

Young pianists sometimes need a piano footrest, seat cushions, or a piano pedal extender, if they cannot reach the piano pedals.  Please discuss this with your child’s teacher.

Music Theory

Note Reading and More


Tone Savvy  (note: you can customize the drills; be sure the sound is on.)

Music (you can customize the drills to a particular clef and/or to only notes within the staff).

Chrome Music Lab – fun, experimental ways to make music (including an online keyboard, customizable to show note names and modifiable number of octaves). – many tutorials and exercises!

Musicca  – online exercises and learning tools in music theory, music notation, and ear training. 

Cheat Codes for Reading Music – rich site of resources of songs, cataloged by rhythms, solfege patterns, and more (go to “Kodaly Directory” within the site)

SightReadingFactory – for practicing sight-reading (exercises with just rhythm and with pitches); annual fee: $35


Tim Hansen’s How to Read Music 

How to Read Notes – beginner piano lesson (using landmark notes)

How to Read Music – landmark method (more than 5 million views)

How to Read Sheet Music (more than 7 million views)



Video demonstration about the harmonic series (on a natural horn)

Video: What is an Octave?

Video: Perfect Fourths and Perfect Fifths – on the piano (from the Berklee School of Music)


Video: Major & Minor Scales on the keyboard (from the Berklee School of Music)

Music Notation Software    


Sibelius (not free)

Practicing Music Skills


Tone Savvy  (note: you can customize the drills; be sure the sound is on.)

Music (you can customize the drills to a particular clef and/or to only notes within the staff).


List of music education apps

Rhythm Trainer

NameThatNote (search for it in your app store) 

Chet (for ear training and more)

Music Tutor

Other apps

List of apps from

Note Trainer Lite (or Pro) for learning notes on the staff and on the piano

Metronome apps (or search “metronome” in your app store)

Tuning apps

Listening to Music

Online Concerts

Live from Dizzy’s Club 


Medici TV

Violin Channel

Many orchestras, concert halls, chamber ensembles, jazz clubs, and other venues have online concerts.  Examples include: The Baltimore Symphony, The Royal National Scottish Orchestra, The Detroit Symphony, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, Smoke Jazz Club, Birdland, Village Vanguard.

Recordings for Children

Specific Pieces of Music 

  1. The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra 
    1. With video of an orchestra performance
    2. With pictures of instruments
    3. With animated instruments
  2. Peter and the Wolf 
  3. Tubby the Tuba (narrated by Danny Kaye) 
  4. Ferdinand the Bull  
  5. The Composer is Dead  
  6. Finale from The Overture to William Tell (aka: The Theme to “The Lone Ranger”)

Maestro Classics – recordings and resources

Jazz for Kids featuring the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis 

List of music written for children, from Classical FM

Classical Kids recordings – Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Mr. Bach Comes to Call, and others 


WQXR Radio 105.9 FM

WWFM Radio

WGBO Radio 88.3 FM (jazz)

Recordings of Rob Kapilow’s “What Makes it Great” series on WWFM

Exploring Music with Bill McGlauglin – on WQXR radio, 89.3 FM, weeknights at 11 pm.

NPR’s Jazz Profiles

Podcasts, Videos, Magazines and More


Sticky Notes – with conductor Joshua Weilerstein

The Great Composers Podcast 

List of Classical Podcasts 

List of Jazz Podcasts

Naxos Recordings Podcasts

Speaking Soundly Podcast | Artful Narratives Media – Your ticket to backstage conversations with world-renowned musicians. Join MET Opera Principal Trumpet David Krauss for candid and compelling discussions with today’s top performers as they speak about their creative process and lives as artists.


From Mao to Mozart  

Talent Has Hunger (featuring cellist Paul Katz)

Music of the Heart (about violin pedagogue, Roberta Guaspari)

Itzhak (documentary about violinist Itzhak Perlman)

Troubadour (documentary about guitarist Sharon Isbin)

Educational Videos

Other Resources

Audio and Video Recording

NV Factory (Englewood Cliffs, NJ) – audio/video recording on site. For professional recording of student and faculty performances and auditions – both at their venue and at other sites.

Forte Piano of Paramus Recording Studio – Audio video recording and editing; multiple pianos available

Fort Lee Music Hall

Zach Herchen – audio/video recording and editing.

Master Classes

Master Classes at Thurnauer

Juilliard Open Studios (an app and website)

Thousands of master classes are available on 


Mimi ZweigEmmanuel Pahud; Steven Isserlis (this one features Thurnauer alum, Ani Kalayjian); Pepe Romero; Wynton Marsalis (on YoungArts)


Opportunities for Adults

Road Scholar music-themed tours