Standing Together, Now More Than Ever

The Community Response Campaign

for our familes, safety, and homeland

About the Campaign

Times like these are, quite simply, why a Jewish Community Center exists. In our collective grief and facing a groundswell of antisemitism, each day the Kaplen JCC opens our doors and hearts and continues to provide a safe and secure place to share our Jewish culture and values.

Immediately in the aftermath of October 7, the Leonard and Syril Rubin Early Childhood Center welcomed 18 Israeli children unable to return home into our classrooms. As the number of families arriving from Israel in search of stability, safety and support grew, we launched a youth program called Heart to Heart, which in its first week served over 100 children from 60 families.

To make our existing community and new friends feel safe and secure, we have taken proactive steps to enhance the security of our facility and grounds well beyond the best practices established by federal and local law enforcement and our security consultants.

It is imperative we meet this difficult moment by standing together, so we will emerge from these tragic times stronger than ever.

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The Impact of Your Gift

Learn more about Heart to Heart here.


Shortly after the attack on Israel, we began hearing from our members, asking what we could do for the families who were already displaced by the war. Immediately, we welcomed 18 children from Israeli families who could not return home into the Leonard and Syril Rubin Early Childhood Center. That number continued to swell, leading to the launch of Heart to Heart, a youth program to provide daytime care and support for families arriving in this area. This program will allow parents to continue working remotely, while their children have access to arts, recreation, and educational activities. We opened our doors on October 30, 2023 to nearly 100 children, and with your support will continue outreach and growth of this essential initiative.

“I extend my deepest gratitude to every member of this incredible community for the warm embrace that enveloped us. Your genuine concern and eagerness to provide not just what we need, but beyond, has left us truly touched and grateful. May our paths cross again in moments of joy and celebration in the spirit of Am Yisrael Chai.”

Heart to Heart Family


We pride ourselves on being a safe and secure facility, providing all members with a welcoming and peaceful environment. However, due to the attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, and the necessary response, the fears and concerns of our community are elevated. To ease their minds, we need to do more. With your support, we will take additional, proactive security measures such as additional armed security officers and facility infrastructure improvements. It is essential we remain a safe space for the Jewish community to prosper and feel secure.


The Jewish Community, locally and around the world, has responded to the war with philanthropic vigor. We are proud to partner with the Jewish Federations of North America to provide essential financial support to Israel. In addition, the Kaplen JCC Fund for Israel responds to local requests for on-the-ground support in Israel.