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Heart to Heart: Volunteer Trip to Israel

Volunteer opportunities include working with children, agriculture, food preparation for soldiers and so much more.

Heart to Heart: Volunteer Trip to Israel

Depart Date: TBD

Embark on the Heart to Heart Volunteer Trip to Israel and be a beacon of support during challenging times. Join us at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades for our first solidarity-volunteer trip to Israel. We will be making a difference through our volunteer efforts and show the people of Israel our solidarity with them. We will bear witness to the sites of the October 7th atrocities, hear personal stories of that horrifying day, visit injured heroes, and so much more.   

As part of this Trip, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Bear witness at the sites of the October 7th massacre — Kibbutz Kfar Aza, the site of the Nova Music Festival and Sderot.
  • Hear firsthand accounts from the incredible IDF and civilian heroes who sprang into action on October 7th.
  • Hear an update from an IDF Spokesperson.
  • Volunteer at the Tel Aviv Expo.
  • Prepare meals for IDF soldiers at an army base.
  • Meet and support victims’ families. 
  • Meet with injured Israeli soldiers and civilians.
  • Visit “Hostage Square” and hear the story from a sister of a hostage.
  • Be a part of an event to uplift the displaced families.
  • Join us for a special evening to host, once again, the Israeli families who came to our Heart to Heart program.

For information, contact Elana Prezant at eprezant@jccotp.org