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“Ani Israeli” with Chani Nachmias and Gili Werner

A captivating, humorous, and melodic performance featuring Chani Nachmias and Gili Werner. They bring a repertoire of cherished tunes that resonate with audiences, evoking nostalgia for the songs we grew up with.

Chani Nachmias and Gili Werner

Chani is a famous Israeli actress, singer, author, television host, and children’s star.

Gili is a famous Israeli actor, comedian, and child star. Known mainly by the stage name “Gili comes to visit”.

$25 Children / Adults Free

מופע מרגש, מצחיק ומוזיקלי
עם השירים המוכרים והאהובים שכולנו גדלנו עליהם.
$25Children / Adults Free