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Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Taub Campus
411 East Clinton Avenue
Tenafly, New Jersey 07670
Phone 201.569.7900 | Fax 201.569.7448


To call a staff member:

- with an extension beginning with ‘14’ – Dial 201.408 followed by the extension
- with an extension beginning with ‘15’ – Dial 201.821.85 followed by the last two digits of the extension
- with a three digit extension – Dial 201.569.7900 and enter the extension when prompted

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Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Executive Assistants


Facility Management
Information Technology
Print Shop and Mailroom




Membership Services


Health & Rec
Group Exercise
Seiden Wellness Center

Adult Services
Dance and Dramatic Arts
Children, Teen and Family Programs
Computer Learning Center
Early Childhood
The Israeli Center
Israeli American Council (IAC NJ)
Neil Klatskin Day Camp
Senior Adult Department
Special Services
Thurnauer School of Music
The Idea School

All Staff - Alphabetically



Jordan Shenker, Chief Executive Officer x1400
Miriam T. Chilton, Chief Operating Officer x1401
Kevin Cunningham, Chief Financial Officer x1422
Mirta Quintana, Office Coordinator x1413


Gary Bernstein, Director of Finance x1402
Abbe Duke, Accounts Payable Specialist & Class Registrar x1425
Cathy Shepard, Manager, Accounts Receivable x1423
Joy Goldsmith, Payroll & Benefits Administrator x1415
Facility Management
Chris Parrilli, Facilities Manager x1417
Diane Schneider, Facilities Admin. Assist. x266
Information Technology
Keith Rosenfield, Webmaster x1483
Marina Medovoy, Application Support Analyst x1504
Print Shop and Mailroom
Rob Schirrmacher, Coordinator x1419


Alison Holzberg Kenny, Director x1405
Elizabeth Iannaconi, Development Associate x463
Fran Koszer, Special Events Associate x1404


Chris Strom, Chief eXperience Officer x1408
Rebecca Seeman, Creative Director x1407
Derek Dalonges, Project Manager x1409
Sharon Goren, Marketing Director x228
Rebecca Rafelson, Marketing Director x1411
Carol Schulter, Marketing Director x1410
Membership Services
Chris Strom, Chief eXperience Officer x1408
Bonnie Wilson, Membership Services Supervisor x1442
Damaris Zeppieri, Reception Operations Manager x428


Adult Services
Esther Mazor, Director x1456
Kathy Graff, Director of New Initiatives x1454
Michele Schaffer, Administrative Assistant x1496
Children, Teen and Family Programs
Aaron Atlas, Director of Youth & Camp Engagement x1484
Leron Bensoussan, Camp Program Manager x1467
Simeon Pearlstein, Afterschool Programs & Camp Logistics Manager x1470
Computer Learning Center
Michele Schaffer, Administrative Assistant x1496
Dance and Dramatic Arts
Allyson Carolan, Director x1495
Jill Monaco, Assistant Director x437
Jacqueline Lopresti, Assistant x437
Early Childhood
Aliza Cinamon, Supervisor x1432
Jill Rosalimsky, Supervisor x1433
Adyna Rosen, Toddler & Aftercare Supervisor x1437
Melissa Peters, Operations Director, Family & Youth Engagement x1436
Nanette Greenberg, Parent & Community Ambassador x1435
Lindsey Kelly, Nurse x1434
Ya’ara Vered, Business Manager x1438
The Israeli Center
Galit Goldberg, Director x1428
Adi Levy, Emek Program Director & Shlichot Coordinator x1469
Gaby Haran Wilner, Emek Administrator x1469
Mor Gil Hefetz, IC Administrator & Program Coordinator x1428
Lital Madar Grundland, Family Program Coordinator and Coordinator of Israeli & Jewish Cultural Programs x1428
Shira Zandani, Community Relations, Mamanet, & Volunteer Coordinator x1469
Lihi Kaspi, Youth Shlicha x1426
Inbal Zemah, Youth Shlicha x1439
Israeli American Council (IAC NJ)
Noa Raab, Regional Director x1427
Tammy Levy, IAC NJ Next Generation Director x1427
Ilanit Noy, Program Manager of Engagement & Community Leadership Initiatives x1427
Iris Heyman, Operations Coordinator x1427
Nitzan Levy, Program Manager x1427
Neil Klatskin Day Camp
Aaron Atlas, Director of Youth & Camp Engagement x1484
Leron Bensoussan, Camp Program Manager x1467
Senior Adult Department
Judi Nahary, Director x1450
Marlene Ceragno, MA, CPG, CDP,
 Program Developer/Caregiver Support Coordinator
Sal Pintavalle, ARC Program Supervisor x1452
Jerico Rilla, Mobile Devise Management Administrator x123
Lisa Robins, Nutrition Coordinator x1455
Helene Schwartz, Sr. Activity Center Plus Supervisor x1451
Sarah Feinmark, Club Supervisor x404
Natalie Almagor, Program Assistant x1503
David Spiegel, Transportation x1503
Special Services
Shelley Levy, Director x1489
Maria Engel, Day Program Manager
Gil Goldman, Program Assistant
Dania Lauer, Life Skills Development Center Coordinator and Inclusion Coordinator x435
Mindy Liebowitz, Administrative Assistant x1490
Colleen Lofaro, Program Supervisor x602
Jackie Varona, Administrative Assistant x631
Esther Woletz, Administrative Assistant x1491
Thurnauer School of Music
Dorothy Roffman, Director x1460
Michael Reingold, Associate Director x1461
Emma Brondolo, Director of Early Childhood
   Music and Voice Studies
Dan Jatovsky, Financial Manager x1466
Robyn Searles, Scheduling Director x375
David Siegel, Administrative Assistant x1464
The Idea School
Tikvah Wiener, Head of School x1468
Tamara Levin, School Administrator x1468


Health & Rec
Raychel Reilly, Chief Health and Wellness Officer x1481
Lizz Zeppieri, Health & Wellness Assistant x630
Debi Zeppieri, Reception Operations Manager x428
Kathleen Costantini, Director x1473
Juya Cho, Swim Team x1471
Indoor Pool x227  
Outdoor Pool x408  
Keri Thoren, Director x1476
Fitness & Spa
Raychel Reilly, Chief Health and Wellness Officer x1481
Spa at the J
Fitness Center Desk x412  
Personal Training x1481
Group Exercise
Hagit Tal, Director x1477
Seiden Wellness Center
Reception Desk x1441

All Staff Alphabetically

Natalie Almagor x1503
Aaron Atlas x1484
Leron Bensoussan x1467
Gary Bernstein x1402
Emma Brondolo x230
Allyson Carolan x1495
Marlene Ceragno x439
Miriam Chilton x1401
Juya Cho x1471
Aliza Cinamon x1432
Akeem Clayton x1446
Kathleen Costantini x1473
Kevin Cunningham x1422
Derek Dalonges x1409
Abbe Duke x1425
Maria Engel
Sarah Feinmark x404
Gil Goldman
Galit Goldberg x1428
Mor Gil Hefetz x1428
Joy Goldsmith x1415
Sharon Goren x228
Nanette Greenberg x1435
Kathy Graff x1454
Kimani Greene x1475
Gaby Haran Wilner x1469
Freida Harris x1453
Iris Heyman x1427
Elizabeth Iannaconi x463
Dan Jatovsky x1466
Lihi Kaspi x1426
Lindsey Kelly x1434
Alison Holzberg Kenny x1405
Dania Lauer x435
Adi Levy x1469
Nitzan Levy x1427
Shelley Levy x1489
Tammy Levy x1427
Colleen Lofaro x1490
Jacqueline Lopresti x437
Lital Madar Grundland x1428
Esther Mazor x1456
Marina Medovoy x1504
Jill Monaco x1493
Judi Nahary x1470
Ilanit Noy x1427
Chris Parrilli x1417
Simeon Pearlstein x1470
Melissa Peters x1436
Sal Pintavalle x1452
Mirta Quintana x1413
Noa Raab x1427
Rebecca Rafelson x1411
Raychel Reilly x1481
Michael Reingold x1461
Jerico Rilla x123
Lisa Robins x1455
Dorothy Roffman x1460
Jill Rosalimsky x1433
Adyna Rosen x1437
Keith Rosenfield x1483
Scott Rush x412
Michele Schaffer x1496
Robert Schirrmacher x1419
Diane Schneider x266
Carol Schulter x1410
Helene Schwartz x1451
Robyn Searles x375
Rebecca Seeman x1407
Jordan Shenker x1400
Cathy Shepard x1423
David Siegel x1464
Tamira Sperling x1465
David Spiegel x1503
Chris Strom x1408
Hagit Tal x1477
Keri Thoren x1476
Ya’ara Vered x1438
Jackie Varona x631
Bonnie Wilson x1442
Esther Woletz x1491
Shira Zandani x1469
Inbal Zemah x1439
Debi Zeppieri x1439
Lizz Zeppieri x630