May 2019 Exhibit
Taming Tigers: Paintings by Noah Elam

This exhibition of dreamlike, mystical paintings brings an original and surprising mix of Eastern and Western influences to a thoroughly contemporary vision. Looking to cope with the contemporary world and all its many forms of blindness and destruction, Elam’s work is a visionary attempt to restore our powers of seeing. He uses a richness of color that is clearly reminiscent of his Brazilian land, and his style reflects surrealist and symbolist influences that allow for unexpected, thought-provoking interpretations. Fascinated by diversity and contradiction, Elam’s paintings successfully portray the struggles of life in dreamlike works that seem to resolve conflict by achieving a unified, harmonic whole, while images that evoke ever-present instability, danger, and death hover around the borders. His aesthetics resonate with the notion of tikkun olam (repairing the world) and his hope as an artist is to conceive paintings that “restore” art as a means of framing and representing the world.

Elam was born in Brazil, moved to Jerusalem's Old City in 1989, and now lives in the US. He attended the Escola Nacional de Belas Artes in Rio de Janeiro and began exhibiting in one-man shows in the early 1970s at popular galleries in both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janerio. In the 1980s, he won an international award from NACNE (in Brazil), was featured in a group exhibition at the Taipei Art Museum in China, and at the World Trade and Cultural Center, Jose Marti, in Amsterdam. Once Elam moved to Israel, he held numerous solo exhibitions at the Lucian Krief Gallery in Jerusalem. More recent exhibitions in the US include solo shows at the Patterson Museum, and the Etervana and Atrium Galleries in NJ, as well as the Riverdale Y in NY. His works are also prized in private international collections as well as permanent collections in museums worldwide, including the Museum of São Paulo, Brazil.

April 2019 Exhibit
The Holocaust Remembered: Oils, Collages and Watercolors by Rose Hertzberg

Rose Hertzberg (1908-2002) conceived the images in this exhibition after witnessing how WWII savaged the people of Europe, Asia and Africa. The memory of this horror remained with her long after the war ended, prompting her to create works that would compel people to continue to remember the Holocaust. Born and raised in Paterson, NJ, Rose Hertzberg was drawn to art at an early age, and in the 1940s, she studied with the pioneering post-impressionist painter Ben Benn, who introduced her to abstract art. In the early ‘50s, she was invited to become a private student of the master abstract impressionist, Hans Hofmann, who opened the limitless possibilities of abstract art that she pursued until her passing at the age of 93. Rose moved to Ramsey, NJ in 1954 and began exhibiting her work and held over 30 solo shows and exhibited in hundreds of juried group exhibitions through NJ, NY, Spain, Italy, the UK, Venezuela, and two World’s Fairs. Her work has been featured at the Bergen County Museum, William Patterson College, the Johnson Memorial Library in Hackensack, the Fullerton Gallery in Montclair, the Spring Street Gallery in New York, and the Hertzl Institute. In the early 1980s, Rose completed a pictorial music series for a special exhibit at Lincoln Center and a reproduction of “Bull Market,” one of her award-winning collages, is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute.

March 2019 Exhibit
What is Art?: Early Childhood Children at JCC Explore Wonderment, Creativity and Inspiration through Art

What does art mean to us? What does it mean to children? And how can art broaden a child’s knowledge to enhance his or her experience? The teachers in the JCC Early Childhood program asked these questions and this month’s art show provides the answers in an exciting, colorful, inspirational exhibit that reveals how curious young minds know no bounds when it comes to cultivating artistic individuality. The inspiration behind this initiative was to add A for Art into STEM studies (science, technology, engineering, and math) to demonstrate that children are constructive learners who connect with their environment as inspiration for inquiry. The show was also influenced by the classroom Sheva program, which uses seven Jewish lenses to reveal universal values and supports the study of art as a journey that sparks reflection, potential, amazement, and the spirit of inquiry. In preparation for this highly versatile show, each class chose a style and medium to work in and then created artistic pieces that conveyed a shared class vision. Some were inspired by famous artists and imitated their style, creating Impressionist works like Claude Monet, or working in thick paint like Van Gogh, while others or discovered their own abstract styles like Jackson Pollack. The possibilities were endless and so were the results.

February 2019 Exhibit
Art for All: Featuring the Artistic Talents of Differently-Abled Children, Teens & Adults

In recognition of Jewish Disabilities and Inclusion Awareness Month, which is nationally celebrated in February each year, the Waltuch Gallery is sponsoring its annual art exhibition featuring the artistic talents and accomplishments of individuals in our community with special needs. The month-long exhibition includes framed drawings and photographs, as well as ceramics, cube sculptures, digital paintings and more. Each piece showcases the creative talents of school-aged children, teens and adults, including program participants of the JCC’s Guttenberg Center for Special Services.

January 2019 Exhibit
Reality Enhanced: Acrylics, Drawings & Prints by Dr. David Zomick

After experimenting with pastels and oils, Dr. David Zomick discovered acrylics and developed his skills in this vibrant and accessible medium. His paintings are generally realistic, though he occasionally paints something abstract or decorative. David only began painting when he retired as a successful leader in aerospace technology 15 years ago, but his work has been met with significant critical acclaim and he has won dozens of awards in juried competitions. He recently won 1st place awards in the Focus NJ Open Juried Art Show, Celebrating Bergen County’s Diversity Exhibit, and the NJ Juried Senior Art Competition. He is a member of the Northern New Jersey Art Affiliates and has had one-man exhibits at Fairleigh Dickenson the JCC (2011), Marcella Geltman Gallery, and local public libraries in Teaneck, Englewood and Dumont. David studies at the Art Center of Northern New Jersey. He holds a Ph.D. He has been a member of the JCC since 1991 and spent his entire career with Honeywell International – the world’s largest producer of aircraft and spacecraft electronic systems.

December 2018 Exhibit
The JCC and POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Present
They Risked Their Lives: Poles Who Saved Jews During the Holocaust

This exhibition, on loan from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Washington DC., represents a compilation of stories that were collected as part of the Warsaw-based POLIN Museum project known as The Polish Righteous – Recalling Forgotten History. Financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the show presents the faces, stories, and emotions of the “Polish Righteous” – and those they rescued – to the world. It also seeks to portray what motivated people to rescue others at great peril, the activities of the Polish Underground and Polish Government-in-Exile, as well as the personal stories of priests and nuns who chose to save Jewish lives.

November 2018 Exhibit
Open Your Eyes and See: Acrylic/Gessobords by Jose Fontaina

José M. Fontaiña was born in Riveira (Galicia), Spain in 1961 and moved to the USA with his family in 1978. He attended William Paterson University and graduated with a BA in Art. Fontaiña initially sought a career in comics, but discovered he preferred creating “pointillist” works with technical pens, small brushes, and inks, and began exhibiting in galleries. He later discovered Sennelier oil pastels and acrylics and began to paint in the vibrant tradition he explores in this exhibit. He was mentored by André Teabo, an assistant to Romare Bearden, a well-known cartoonist and art editor for the Eucleian Societies at NYU, who later became famous for his collages and abstract paintings. “I like to describe my work as being a good Caldo Gallego, a delicious Galician soup made by mixing together many vegetables and meats. Instead of cooking ingredients, I use elements of art. Creating art is my full time job. I am obsessed with it. Each blank surface is a new beginning, an intriguing puzzle to be solved, and a wonderful means for discovering myself in a way of life that I love to live.”

October 2018 Exhibit
Images on Canvas: Stories of Worship and Interfaith Tolerance

This pop-up exhibition, organized in Burma (Myanmar), offers thought-provoking images as a means to stimulate reflection. Conceived as a vehicle to greater self-awareness and social consciousness, Stories of Worship and Interfaith Tolerance is intended to promote discussion, foster understanding and build harmony in its viewers. The central theme is to show how, in a diverse society, people can live together, help one another and celebrate the differences that make for a strong society.

September 2018 Exhibit
Photorealism in Graphite: Graphite Drawings by Andrew Kagan, MD

Andrew Kagan, MD, is a vascular surgeon, retired from private practice, who now serves as the in-house surgeon at The Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative – a free, multi-specialty medical practice serving the working poor of Bergen County. Art has always been a Kagan’s personal hobby and over the years, he has used his photorealistic talents to illustrate medical books and journals. He has also exhibited in libraries, art galleries and other venues. The pieces on view in this exhibition are black and white renderings on a variety of subjects. Each original, which takes more than 60 hours to complete, is paired side by side with a framed print. The originals are not for sale, but the prints, which are indistinguishable from the originals, are available for purchase.

July-August 2018 Exhibit
Printmaking: Printworks by Leslee Fetner

A graduate of Hunter College in NYC, Leslee Fetner holds a B.A. in art and also spent a year at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She studied watercolor and printmaking techniques and has also created sculpture, digital and mixed media work. Over the last two years Ms. Fetner has been focusing on printmaking. Her work has been featured into several juried shows as well as solo and group exhibitions. She has received numerous prizes including First Place in printmaking at the 2016 Focus NJ exhibit at the Art Center of Northern NJ, Best in Show in the Pascack Art Association Members Show in 2012, and the Howison Prize at the National League of American Pen Women Biennial Exhibition in Alexandria, VA in April 2008. She is a member of Salute to Women in the Arts and Pascack Art Association, where she served as president from 2002 to 2006. “Watercolor was my initial medium of choice, but my current goal as an artist is to explore new avenues in my creative journey – primarily the printmaking processes of monotype, etching, solar print, linocut and collagraph. I have also explored the fascinating and creative world of digital painting and collage, which has added a new, more abstract dimension to my work. I particularly enjoy the physical element of printmaking techniques and am most gratified when I can share my work with others.”

June 2018 Exhibit
Aging and Creativity: Artworks by JCC Senior Adults

This must-see exhibit, for young and old alike, features paintings, photographs, prints, mosaics, fiber arts and crafts and other imaginative works created by senior adults who attend the JCC Art Club for seniors. All clubs for seniors at the JCC are designed to foster personal growth and individualism, while giving participants a unique sense of purpose. They garden, exercise, reminisce and dance; then settle in to create unique works of art. In many cases, they work collaboratively, where no one artist is the star, each adding their own individual “signature” to create a masterpiece. A mentor from The Metropolitan Museum of Art makes monthly visits to spark creativity for everyone in the Club. The senior adults thrive in this program. As Kathy Greenlee, Assistant Secretary for Aging at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said: “Social and recreational activities, including creative and artistic ones, can help the brain resist decline while improving quality of health and life.’’ This show is living proof that it really works.

May 2018 Exhibit
Up Close Through a Designer’s Lens: Photographs on Canvas by Rona Spiegel

Rona Spiegel is an award-winning interior designer and former President of the NJ Chapter of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers). She is also a professional photographer and this exhibition of her limited-edition photographs on canvas shows how her special gifts for both artistic disciplines overlap. With an “eye” for detail and a knack for capturing the story behind the image, Rona takes photographs that are full of symmetry and harmony, balanced with careful attention to lighting, mood and depth. “I shoot what others overlook or walk right past. I am drawn to the unusual and try to photograph it from a different perspective. My interest in photography began when I was a young girl growing up in Long Beach, New York, only three blocks from the beach. My first images were of seagulls, waves and beach volleyball. As I traveled extensively at home and abroad, I was always on the lookout for the elusive image. A camera is never far from my hands and I now have hundreds of photos I am proud to show clients who are looking for that perfect picture to make their space stand out!”

April 2018 Exhibit
Celebrate Israel at 70!

Passionate about Israel? Then don’t miss this month-long art exhibition featuring over 80 works of art by local artists who have created works that reflect their appreciation for Israel, its people, and its culture and history. The exhibit includes an exciting and inspirational array of paintings, photographs, and mixed media works, curated from an open call to artists. The end result is a colorful, must-see community art celebration. “This exhibit celebrates our community’s love of Israel through the arts,” says Nina Bachrach, JCC Director of Arts and Culture Development. “We’ve brought together an incredible community of artists who are excited to spark the imagination of our community and to explore the cultural arts in an exciting way.

March 2018 Exhibit
The Bar Mitzvah: Paintings by Elise Pittelman

Elise Pittelman grew up in a secular Jewish family, where the idea of the Bar Mitzvah intrigued her visually and culturally. This exhibit is the result of her long curiosity with this teenage rite of passage and expresses her fascination with the concept from an “iconic” and “ironic” perspective. The subjects were inspired from photographs from Bar Mitzvah albums from friends and family – people, like her, who came of age in the sixties – and provide a unique view of an era now past. Elise Pittelman is a multifaceted artist who was educated at Cooper Union in NYC, where she received a full scholarship to study fine arts. She went on to become an internationally-known artist and held many solo exhibitions of her paintings in Jamaica, Chicago, and her hometown in Woodstock, NY. She has also been selected as one of only five artists to represent Woodstock at Kundstendagz – a ten day art festival in Bergen, Netherlands. In addition to being a painter, Elise ran a successful jewelry business with her husband for 28 years; designed and installed glorious gardens for many clients; designed decorative items from bird palaces to rhinestone-covered telephones that have been exhibited at juried craft shows and licensed by major gift companies; and created her own agave-sweetened raw chocolate business. More of her work can be seen at

February 2018 Exhibit
Art for All: Featuring the Artistic Talents of Local Children & Adults with Special Needs

In recognition of Jewish Disabilities and Inclusion Awareness Month, which is nationally celebrated in February each year, the Waltuch Gallery is sponsoring its annual art exhibition that features the artistic talents and accomplishments of individuals in our community with special needs. The month-long exhibition includes framed drawings and paintings, as well as ceramics, fabric sculptures, box sculptures, mosaics, photography and more. Each piece showcases the creative talents of school-aged children and teens, adults, community residents and participants of the JCC Guttenberg Center for Special Services.

January 2018 Exhibit
Torah is Like a Group Show: Paintings and Mixed Medium by Jeffrey Packard

This exhibit features a selection of etchings and watercolors that depict weekly portions of the Torah. It also includes oil paintings of mystical landscapes and skyscapes, as well as stained glass and neon. Jeffery has been an artist all his life and earned his degree from Cornell University. During a brief leave of absence from school, Jeffery moved to Manhattan, where he began studying the Torah and met his wife, Kathi, by chance when he and his father went to shul to recite the kaddish for his mother. He and Kathi married in 1976 and two years later, he established a NYC studio, where he painted large oil canvas’ of the sky. He went on to explore the mystical side of Judaism and became a synagogue artist and designer. Over the years, he has contributed artistically to many sanctuaries in the NY and NJ, as well as Israel. In 2009, Jeffrey had a stroke and successfully learned to paint with his left hand.

December 2017 Exhibit
Hidden in the Backstreets: Photographs on Metal by Chelsea Beck

This exhibition features photos of graffiti and street art, which reveal ways that today's youth seek distraction. “My natural eye for street art and otherwise overlooked objects and aspects of society is a great passion and a concept I strive to show in my work,” says Chelsea. “I believe street art is not only a skilled and attractive medium, but also a conduit by which many artists in my generation express their thoughts, views and feelings about the current state in which we live.” Born and raised in Norwood, NJ, Chelsea attended Northern Valley Old Tappan Regional High School, where she enjoyed photography as a hobby. But it was while she was earning her BA in Sociology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, that the culture, lifestyle and natural beauty of the region ultimately inspired her to pursue photography as a career. She worked as a freelance photographer for numerous publications in Denver, and just completed a post-graduate degree in Photography at the University of the Arts, London. She currently lives in Los Angeles, where she is pursuing her photography. To see more her work, visit:

November 2017 Exhibit
Inspiration: Collage on Arches Paper by Arlyne Berzak

This exhibition consists of beautifully-designed, fanciful collages that incorporate various media such as watercolor, oil paint, acrylic and pencil drawings. “Collage is a building experience, where I create pure flights of fancy,” says Arlyne. “I am continually collecting unusual papers, pictures and beads that catch my eye to use in my pieces. I begin with a painted background or some interesting paper, then add a central figure and build around it with items that enhance the theme.” Arlyne always dabbled in sketching and painting, but when it came to professional life, she earned a BA in English and Art History and became an English teacher. She then entered the corporate world, where she served as Executive Director, Federation Apartments; Executive Director, John Harms Theater; and Senior Executive at the Classic Residence division of the Hyatt Hotel chain; In her retirement, she has returned to painting and has studied portraits in oil with Gary Godbee at the Montclair Art Museum, where she is also a docent. Her work has appeared in several group shows at the Montclair Museum and at the Maywood Library. It is also housed in many private collections.

October 2017 Exhibit
From Realistic To Abstract: Collage by Barbara Landberg

Although Barbara works in a variety of ways and enjoys Chinese Brush Painting and watercolor, this exhibit is only featuring her collages. A Tenafly resident, Barbara has been painting for more than 35 years, and has a passion for many types of art. She was a 3rd grade teacher at The Elisabeth Morrow School in Englewood for many years, and always incorporated art into her classroom curriculum. To this day, she continues to teach art and creativity courses in the school’s Summer Explorations camp program and leads groups of students and their parents on trips to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Barbara has attended painting workshops in Maine, Vermont, Italy, France, and China, has exhibited and won awards at The Salmagundi Gallery in NYC, and appeared in juried shows at The Art Center of Northern NJ. She has also exhibited at Rockland Center for the Arts, the Old Church Cultural Center, Fairlawn Library, Cresskill Library, the Belskie Museum in Closter, the Ethical Culture Society in Teaneck, and the Tenafly and Englewood Public Libraries. Barbara's work is in private collections in Vermont, New Hampshire, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Toronto and Italy. More of her paintings can be viewed at:

September 2017 Exhibit
Portraits of Brooklyn and a Few Old Friends: Oil and Watercolor Paintings &
Charcoal Drawings by Boris Lyubner

In this exhibit, the artist presents first impressions of his surroundings after recently moving to Brooklyn. Inspired by the unique, rusted beauty of its cityscapes, Boris has captured a series of fifteen different portraits of the city. Early morning summer walks, with a sketchbook and camera in hand, led to the discovery of 15 select places that became the foundation for these “portraits” of Brooklyn. Each subject is depicted in four phases: first as a charcoal drawing, followed by a watercolor study, then as a small oil painting and finally a larger one. An accomplished illustrator and animal lover, Boris misses being surrounded by pets and now paints emotional and sensitive pet portraits on commission. Boris Lyubner is a classically trained artist from the St. Petersburg Stieglitz Academy of Art, Russia. After immigrating to America in 1989, he pursued a successful career as an advertising illustrator and continues teaching his craft at universities in San Francisco and NYC. In the last few years he has begun transitioning to fine art painting and gallery work. His drawings and paintings has been acquired by many corporate clients such as AIG, Viking Range, REIT, Nike, and Bridgestone, as well as by private art collections.

July-August 2017 Exhibit
Dreamfields: Oil Paintings by Judith A Bellini

Judith Bellini of Teaneck has studied with New York abstract expressionists Gerry Samuels and Bruce Dorfman at the Art Center of Northern New Jersey and the Art Students League in NYC. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Hawaii and a Masters of Fine Arts from Hunter College. She has exhibited in 18 group shows and has held 10 solo exhibitions in New Jersey galleries. In 2004 and 2005, she was awarded first prize in the Bergen County senior competition for professional oil painting, and in 2017, her landscapes were added to the permanent collection of Hackensack University Medical Center. “For many years, my painting style was one of abstract expressionism, where I utilized gesture and color to produce mood and sensation. At present, I combine this love of gesture with a newly-found connection to nature. Through the use of color and bold sweeps, my paintings evoke images of favorite childhood haunts, both real and imaginary, where I look to transport the viewer to fields, mountains, wildflower gardens, tropical islands and far away fantasy lands.”

June 2017 Exhibit
Out/About/Underground: Photographs by Victoria Kolomensky

Victoria Kolomensky grew up in Bergen County and attended the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades for preschool and summer camp, and often spent time at the pool or in the gym as a child. She has a Master’s degree in Art History, and traveled extensively in Florence as part of her studies. She now lives on the Upper West Side of NYC and works in Admissions in the New York City independent school world. “I am deeply attuned to light; the way it shines through someone’s jacket on the sidewalk ahead of me or the way it creates deep silhouettes in the late afternoon ,” says Kolomensky. “I’m also deeply attuned to people and like to think that my photographs tell their stories. The people in them are captured in one moment in time that creates points of departure for viewers who are free to translate the emotion that is evoked in them into their own personal narrative. I have experimented with shooting photographs of buildings and landscapes, but always come back to people, as people are forever changing, but are always the same. For me, people are a conduit for the viewer’s empathy, beginning with my own.”

May 2017 Exhibit
Visualizing Spirituality: Acrylic & Ink on Canvas by Yitzchok Moully

Yitzchok Moully – who served as a rabbi for ten years before he discovered his artistic talents and turned to art full time – creates distinctive pieces of contemporary Jewish art that combine the bright, bold colors prevalent in pop art with timeless and sophisticated Judaic imagery. His exhibition, Visualizing Spirituality, evokes traditional Jewish themes with a unique approach that appeals to a modern generation. Moully’s artistic focus centers on the hidden energy behind our actions. “I believe that mitzvahs have a cosmic impact and the power to send spiritual energy into the world. My hope is to bring this hidden power to life in my work through a variety of mediums and technologies. I am always drawn to exploring ways that Judaism, art and contemporary culture intersect and to create art that represents and reflects my deep love of Judaism from a new and unique perspective.”

April 2017 Exhibit
A Retrospective: Paintings and Prints by Noel Gussen

Raised in multicultural Teaneck, NJ, Noel thrived on the diversity of his community and demonstrated artistic talent at an early age through his passion for drawing. Pursuing art as his vocation, Noel earned certificates in painting and drawing from Project Oren in Israel and went on to earn his BFA from West Virginia University. Later, as an art director and instructor, Noel developed innovative art curriculums for children and adults and as a former lead creative for the Apple Store, he has enriched the lives of thousands. His paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in the US and abroad, including Gathering of the Minds in Morgantown, West Virginia, and Ruach in the Golan in Kfar Hanasi, Israel. “The ability to express myself as an artist has come not only from within, but from the patient, insightful mentors I was fortunate enough to have in public school, college and abroad. I have always possessed the desire to create, but it is their knowledge and confidence in me that fostered my artistic expression and inspired me to want to teach others.”

March 2017 Exhibit
Rejoice: Giclees by Natalia Kadish

Rejoice – an exhibition of luminous
giclees – celebrates life and nature in spiritually-inspired scenes that express the joy of learning Torah and contemplating the infinite. An award-winning Surrealist, Natalia received a BA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts. Her work has been displayed at Irving Plaza in NYC and as well as galleries in Chelsea, NY. Influenced by the realism found in her father, Laszlo Kubinyi's illustrations, Natalia creates detailed scenes and landscapes with her own surrealist vision that explores mystical concepts and understandings that she gained during a visit to the artist colony in Tzfat, Israel. "Through art, I attempt to grasp the infinite, to embrace and expose its beauty,” says Natalia. “To connect the physical aspects of reality to their spiritual counterparts is a way to show that life and nature are truly miracles of creation."

February 2017 Exhibit
Art for All: Special Talents Art Show

Every year, in recognition of Jewish Disabilities and Inclusion Awareness Month, the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades sponsors an annual art exhibition featuring the artistic talents and accomplishments of individuals in our community with special needs. This year, more than 200 pieces were submitted for this month-long exhibition from 10 different regional schools and programs. Works include framed drawings and paintings, as well as ceramics, fabric sculptures, box sculptures, mosaics, photography and more. Each piece showcases the creative talents of school-aged children and teens, adults, community residents and participants of the JCC Guttenberg Center for Special Services.

January 2017 Exhibit
Again: Recycled Books and Collages by Irmari Nacht

This exhibition features recycled books and newspaper collages that have been transformed into exceptional, multi-dimensional works of art. A highlight of the exhibition is Books 110 Terezin, composed of eight identical copies of In Memory's Kitchen: A Legacy from the Women of Terezin. Cut into swirls, spirals, and strips, this deeply dimensional work tells the sad, poignant story of women starving in the Terezin concentration camp. “I love the idea of chronicling history with pages from books and newspapers and recycling them so they can be viewed again in a different medium,” says Nacht. Her art has been exhibited in corporate and public collections, including AT&T, PSE&G, ADP, the Newark Museum, the International Museum of Collage, the Jimmy Carter Museum, Cleveland Institute of Art, Bergen PAC, Yale Art Museum and more. She has received two NJ State Council on the Arts Fellowships.