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JCC U Fall 2017 Term

Sept 28
Our National Identity
Who are we as Americans? Join history professor IAN REIFOWITZ for an exploration of our national identity. We will consider how Obama’s multi-cultural rhetoric was an attempt to be inclusive of all Americans and then look at how recent events illustrate the divide in how we as Americans see ourselves. What does this mean for our national identity in the future?

Art from the Romanovs to the Russian Revolution**
From Catherine the Great, who built Russia’s vast collection of European Old Masters, to the tumultuous events that shook St. Petersburg and the world just a century ago, DR. SETH GOPIN will show us the art of two greatly different eras. Discover Russian art in its historical context. Witness the Revolution in film clips and through the prism of painting, sculpture and decorative arts.

Oct 19
When Will The Civil War Be Over?
The Civil War was fought to preserve the Union and to destroy the system of slavery. Despite abolition, the legacy of the Civil War persists. Professor ROBERT CAREY will explore how the politics of race have continued to roil the waters of American life from Reconstruction to the present day. What can we do to move past the continuing conflict

The Great German Romantics**
Artistic Director of Music Talks ELAD KABILIO will treat us to a celebration of the works by German composers Schumann, Mendelssohn and Brahms. He will include music that highlights milestone creations in the Romantic music vocabulary and explores the fantasy and passion in works such as Songs Without Words and Fantasy Pieces.

Nov 2
Memory and Aging
will explain what memory entails and how it works. She will provide an overview of normal cognition and explain the distinction between typical forgetfulness and that which is concerning. There will be a discussion of the risks for Alzheimer’s disease and advice for brain maintenance and protection.

The Dinner Party by Artist Judy Chicago
Professor THOMAS GERMANO will present on this first epic feminist work of art. With 39 elaborate place settings arranged for 39 mythical and historical women, The Dinner Party is a symbolic history of women in Western civilization. Viewed by 15 million around the world, it is on permanent exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. (The JCC is offering a trip to the Brooklyn Museum on November 9th.)

* Sponsored by the Berit and Martin Bernstein Open Forum Endowment Fund and the Edwin S Soforenko Foundation.

** Popular returning presenter

Thu, Sep 28
10:30 AM - 2:00 PM
JCC U: Professor Ian Reifowitz / Dr. Seth Gopin
$35.00 Member
$42.00 Public

Thu, Oct 19
10:30 AM - 2:00 PM
JCC U: Professor Robert Carey / Elad Kabilio
$35.00 Member
$42.00 Public

Thu, Nov 2
10:30 AM - 2:00 PM
JCC U: Dr. Michal Beeri / Professor Thomas Germano
$35.00 Member
$42.00 Public

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