Adi Levy

EMEK Director
The Israeli Center


Bachelor of Art in Special Education at Levinsky College Israel

Quick Facts

  • Ad is a dog person and her dog's name is Simba
  • Adi has been at the JCC since 2017

Adi is a teacher with a BA in Special Education. In Israel, she worked as a teacher for 3-5 grades, language coordinator and mathematics teacher. Adi arrived to the United States with her husband and three children and worked as a Hebrew teacher for preschoolers and elementary school grades. Adi believes that teaching should be personal and filled with warmth and love and that learning can only take place in a supportive and encouraging environment. In the last 3 years she has been the Director of EMEK program at the JCC.

I bring Hebrew and Israeli Culture to the families that lives in our district.

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