RSJ Community is a new initiative offering social, cultural and educational opportunities for Russian speaking families in our area. In order to best meet this community’s needs, your input would be most helpful. Please email, call or stop by to share feedback.

Carol Leslie
Chief Program Officer

Music and Russian: Two exciting languages for ages 4-6

Children explore the language of music through songs, games, movement, and hands-on activities with simple instruments. Infused with Jewish culture, traditions, and Russian folklore songs and stories. Students develop a good sense of pitch and rhythm, while learning to recognize Russian syllables and words.

Дети изучают язык музыки через песни, игры, движение под музыку и знакомство с простыми инструментами. Курс, пронизанный еврейской культурой, традициями и русскими народными сказками и историями. У учеников развивается музыкальный слух и чувство ритма, а одновременно и узнавание слогов и слов русского языка.

15 times on Tuesdays
3:45 PM - 4:30 PM
Oct 29 - Feb 25
Except: Dec 24, Dec 31, Feb 18
$375.00 Member
$410.00 Public
For more information, or to register, please call 201-408-1465.

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