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Train Together

Partner workout with a medicine ball.

Get a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost. Train with a friend or make a new one while you gain cardiovascular benefits and strength to promote overall well-being.

Various time options and session packages available. See details below.

Two people doing pushups side by side.
Two people doing side lunges.


60 Min Partner Training

These performance groups dance in various venues around the area such as malls, nursing homes and amusement parks. The Dance Company is for children who are dedicated to dancing and motivated to excel in their art. It is an extension of a child’s initial dance training. Students are trained in multiple styles of dance, participle in rigorous rehearsals and perform in front of diverse audiences, allowing them many opportunities to grow as well-rounded dancers.

55 Min Small Group Training

Leaps and turns is an advanced technique class for high school students with a serious and strong focus in the study of dance. This class will focus on complex leaps and turns used in all genres of dance. Prior dance experience required.

30 Min Small Group Training

Tap class is a jam packed hour of fun! Dancers practice a series of basic steps, adding more difficult combinations as they become more proficient. What could be more fun than drumming with your feet!


When do sessions expire?

All sessions expire one year from purchase date

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