Mask Up! In response to Governor Murphy reinstating a public health emergency, we would like to remind all members and guests of our mask policy. Masks are required for ALL entering the JCC, in common areas and hallways regardless of vaccination status. Please come with your own mask, adjust over nose and mouth prior to entering our building. We appreciate your support in keeping our community safe.

Health & Wellness

Low Impact Classes


Stretch, Strengthen, and Aline

Women in a group dance exercise class.

Our Low Impact Group class includes cardio using a variety of equipment such as steps, weights, bands, and weighted balls to work on stability, balance, and bone-strengthening while listening to the songs of the ’50s through today.

Women in a group dance exercise class.
Women in a group dance exercise class outside.


Pilates & Sculpt

A full-body low-impact workout that combines Pilates and strength training. Using weighted bands, stability balls, weights, and more this class will strengthen and tone arms, legs, and core.

Fit and Strong

Balance Your Body

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