Building an active national community with Israel in heart

IAC Summit.

The mission of the Israeli-American Council (IAC), is to build an engaged and united Israeli-American community that strengthens the Israeli and Jewish identity of our next generation, the American Jewish community, and the bond between the JCC on the palisade brings people together and creates opportunities to unite the United States and the State of Israel.

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Volunteer Opportunities

IAC Care is a growing community that fosters the culture of volunteerism by providing all kinds of services for people in need, seniors, first responders, Holocaust Survivors, and many others in collaboration with Jewish and non-Jewish organizations and individuals. For more information please contact:

Eitanim – IAC Teens

IAC Eitanim brings together the next generation’s Jewish-American and Israeli-American middle and high school students for an immersive, innovative, project-based learning experience which strengthens participants’ Jewish identity, builds their connection to Israel and ignites their “Israeliness”. The teens are learning from leading mentors and experts through this incredible opportunity! Meeting new friends through national events and competitions and creating connections from across the country with like-minded Jewish and Israeli-American young leaders!

Israel Advocacy

Building and mobilizing an activist community to fight against antisemitism and the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement; advocating for greater transparency and balance in high school Middle East curricula; creating new pro-Israel leadership on college campuses to Israel; educating about Israel and the threats of antisemitism; and developing high-level partnerships with Jewish community leaders to effect change.

These interactive online sessions, led by our activism experts, include discovering the terminology of pro-Israel and pro-Jewish activism, practicing responses to tough questions, learning about the current state of antisemitism, the difference between productive criticism of Israel and anti-Zionism and practicing action plans using real-life situations.

Groups are offered the ConnecTivism curriculum as a 5-session free package as an adult track, teen track or educators track; Please contact us to schedule the dates and times. We will work around your scheduling needs.

Gvanim Community Leadership Program

The program empowers Israeli-Americans to become the next generation of leaders in the Israeli and Jewish American communities. The program focuses on questions of identity, understanding the Jewish American landscape, and cutting-edge leadership and community building tools.

The meetings will allow participants to meet the best lecturers and community leaders and get acquainted in areas of action from across the United States. For more information

Gvanim Limud

Gvanim Limmud is a community meeting place and an arena for dynamic pluralistic discussion, deep conversations, and “chavruta”-style study of texts from the wealth of Jewish and Israeli culture. The meetings and discussions expose the participants to the different voices within the community and allow them to discuss the major relevant questions and challenges facing the Israeli and Jewish- American community.
Limmud groups are led by community members and open to whoever is interested in discussing and learning together. There is no instructor and no need for experience or prior knowledge. Each series includes 5-6 sessions of an hour and a quarter each session. The program will be held in Hebrew or English.

*The groups’ opening is contingent on registration of 10 participants or more.


Ofek Hub is a place where everyone can learn a variety of subjects from the comfort of their home.
Expert teachers from around the country.
Small classroom setting which allow for direct interaction between students and teacher.
State-of-the-art online learning tools specifically suited for distance learning.

Celebrate Israel

Celebrate Israel is a national network of festivals that brings together the community in celebration of the Jewish state, and fosters the bond between Americans and Israel.

Shishi Israeli

Shishi Israeli is a beautiful combination of kabbalat shabbat, shira betzibur (sing along) and a traditional Israeli shabbat dinner for the entire family!

Shishi Israeli is a place where Israelis and American Jews create a shared language around the Shabbat table. Shishi Israeli brings together cultures, customs and people. It is a place where music binds community and enables them to create a family inspired Shabbat experience that is both Jewish and unique, combining time-honored traditions with today’s rituals.

IAC National Summit

December 9-12, 2021
The Diplomat Hotel & Resort, South Florida

The IAC Summit brings together a diverse group of thousands of Israeli-American, Jewish Americans, and Israelis for critical dialogue, and inspiring sessions as part of an event that shapes the Jewish communal conversation, year after year.

One of the most high-profile and largest gatherings in the Jewish world, The IAC National Summit features change makers and though leaders across a range of fields, from business and philanthropy, to education, language and community building, technology, and social change.

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