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Barre, a total body workout that combines the techniques from pilates, ballet, and some yoga to bring you a full-body workout.

Leg exercises in barre class.

Isometric exercises length and sculpture your muscles to create a sleep, lean, and sculpted body. Includes muscle-defining arm exercises, intense glutes and thigh workout, abdominal core workout, and strength. Please maintain 6 feet of social distancing from other members in the class.

Group Classes are by reservations only.

Ab exercises in barre class.
Arm exercises in barre class.
Leg exercises in barre class using resistance bands.
Stertching in barre class.


How do you make reservations?

Reserve your spot in our group exercise classes here! Login with your account associated with the JCCOTP App to get started. First-time users, refer to our app page to get started. For assistance, our team is here to help via or 201.569.7900. See you at the J!

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