Art Gallery

Located on the second floor of the JCC, the Waltuch Gallery is a community space that exhibits thematically Jewish artwork, or art produced by a Jewish artist. Artists are mostly local, though some exhibits feature artists from around the country and the world. The Waltuch Gallery exhibit and receptions are free and open to the community. All of the work on exhibit is for sale and a portion of the proceeds go to support programming efforts in the JCC.

If you are interested in displaying in the Waltuch Gallery, please click here for the application. Your completed application, along with 5 image files of your work should be emailed to Nina Bachrach at If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Nina at 201.408.1406 or at the email above.

December 2019 Exhibit
A Gathering of Waters
Pastels by Mozelle Forman

In this exhibition, Mozelle Forman explores sea and sky as metaphors for sustaining life and humanity, and as majestic sources of inspiration to artists. The spiritual connection between the sea and sky is elucidated in the opening lines of Bereshit, the first book of the Torah, and serves as the source of Forman’s creative ideas and the title for her show. She explores these themes in both representational and abstract forms. “I believe the urge to create is inherent in all of us and I love creating something that didn't exist before,” says Forman. “I started painting in watercolor and was told it was the hardest of all mediums, but I was drawn to its luminosity and ethereal quality until I discovered pastel. Then I was hooked. Pastels are not chalk or crayons. They are pure pigment and I find they offer versatility, forgiveness, and instant gratification. My work is personal and intuitive and my hope is for it to make people feel. That, to me, is the ultimate measure of its success.”

On Display December 1–30 | Meet-the-artist reception: Tuesday, December 10, 6:30-8:30 pm

January 2020 Exhibit
Evolving Art
Oils on Paper by Sheryl Intrator (Urman)

This exhibit features a collection of paintings and Ketubahs by Sheryl Intrator (Urman), curator, art historian, lecturer and teacher, who has exhibited her work throughout the United States and internationally as well. She is active in numerous art organizations including Salute to Women in the Arts, The Jewish Art Salon, and the New York Artist Circle. As a series painter, she experiments with a variety of materials including paints, resins, glazes and gold leaf on wood or other surfaces to bring her work to life. She created Art For Learning, LLC., a vibrant art business that has been in operation for more than 20 years, which incorporates programming, art lectures, and enrichment classes for all ages. She is also the resident Art Lecturer for the L’Dor VaDor program at Ahavath Torah in Englewood, where she is a member.

“Evolving as an artist is important to me, whether it is through experimenting with new materials, new techniques or new artistic themes,” says Sheryl. “I am always drawn to Jewish themed art and subjects that explore contemporary issues of our times in new ways that attract a broader audience.”

On Display January 1–30 | Meet-the-artist reception: Thurs, Jan 9, 6:30-8:30 pm

February 2020 Exhibit
Art for All
Celebrating the Artistic Talents of Differently-Abled Children, Teens & Adults

In recognition of Jewish Disabilities and Inclusion Awareness Month, which is nationally celebrated in February each year, the Waltuch Gallery annual art exhibition features the artistic talents and accomplishments of individuals in our community with special needs.

March 2020 Exhibit
“What is Art?”
Early Childhood Children at JCC Explore Wonderment, Creativity and Inspiration through Art

This exhibit features fun, colorful creations made by children who attend the Leonard and Syril Rubin Early Childhood Center at the JCC. Looking to explore what art means to children and how it can broaden their knowledge and enhance experience, the JCC early childhood teachers asked these questions and this art show provides the answers in an exciting, colorful, inspirational exhibit that reveals how curious young minds know no bounds when it comes to cultivating artistic individuality.

In preparation for this highly versatile show, each class chose a style and medium to work with and then created artistic pieces that conveyed a shared class vision or individual masterpieces. Some classes were inspired by famous artists and the children imitated their style by creating florals like Georgia O’Keeffe, watercolors like Claude Monet, primary shapes and lines like Piet Mondrian, sculpting like Henry Moore, squiggle art like Sol Lewitt, and pop art like Andy Warhol. Other classes acquired their inspirations from Shabbat, Tu Bishvat, and Israel. The show was also influenced by the Sheva framework, which uses seven Jewish lenses to reveal universal values and support the study of art as a journey that sparks reflection, potential, amazement, and the spirit of inquiry. The possibilities were endless and so were the results.

On Display March 4-30

April 2020 Exhibit
The Big Idea School at the JCC Explores the Holocaust in Memory of Yom Hashoah

Students attending the Big Idea School will display works of art in many forms that reflect their understanding of the Holocaust and its ongoing, universal implications. The works in this exhibit reveal each student’s personal expression, as well as their deeper historical and moral understanding of the Shoah.