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Matzah Ball Scavenger Hunt

Got Matzah? Presenting our first annual Matzah Ball Scavenger Hunt!

Passover is coming! Find the hidden Matzah Balls around the J for a prize!

We Haggadah good feeling about this one. Put your afikoman skills to the test with our first annual Matzah Ball Scavenger Hunt! Beginning April 7 there will be 20 blow-up matzah balls hidden in and around the J! For each matzah ball you find, take a picture and tag us in Instagram stories @kaplenjcc using hashtag #jccgotmatzah. The person who finds the most matzah balls will win a prize!

This is open to members and non-members. Winners will receive a $150 gift card to a JCC program of your choice! 

Winners will be announced on April 25.

Disclaimer: This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Participants must take their own pictures and tag @kaplenjcc in their Instagram stories. Keep it Kosher!