Youth Fitness


School-age programs take place in the David Benaroya Youth Wing

Benjamin Bergen Youth Fitness Center
Ages 6-12 (JCC members only)

Hours effective February 15, 2020
Monday through Wednesday, 3:30-8 pm
Thursday, 3:30-6:30 pm
Sunday, 9 am-5 pm

If you want to strengthen your body, make new friends, or form your own class, come check us out!

We feature all the latest in sports and fitness equipment, including Expresso bikes, treadmill, punching bags, and conditioning equipment including mats, steps, jump ropes, agility ladder and rings.

The latest Youth Fitness additions:
* two rowing machines for a full-body cardio experience that's both intense and low-impact
* a set of foam plyo-boxes to make just about any move more heart-pumping or hard-core

The fitness center is supervised at all times by fitness specialists who will guide and assist you while you work out.

For more info, contact Kaylin Payne at 201.408.1472

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