The JCC Thurnauer School of Music gratefully acknowledges the many wonderful parents, committee members, friends and other volunteers who have given their time, energy and ideas to make the school a success.

To become involved, contact Michael Reingold, associate director, at 201-408-1461 or

Past Volunteers of the Year

2001     Alon Pratt
2002     David Siegel
2003     Lucy Johnson
2004     Debra Uematsu
2005     Bruce & Chris Armenante
2006     Yeui Richard Park
2007     Masako Shiono
2008     Craig Barnett and Ben Kapilow (Student Volunteer of the Year)
2009     Ira Machefsky and Sarah Bish (Student Volunteer of the Year)
2010     Karen Neus
2011     Avi Rhodes and Sheryl Staples
2012     Corland Bartlett and Emma Barnett (Student Volunteer of the Year)
2013     Angelique Phillips, Gloria Escobar, Elizabeth Brondolo, Sofia Dorner, L. Steven Miles
            Mina Cokuslu, Kori Benaroya
            Students: Chase Barnett, Emily Dubon, Sarah Dubon, and Melis Cokuslu