Israeli Scouts
Tzofim Shevet Mezada, Tenafly NJ

The Israeli community in the US is currently estimated to be between 600,000-800,000 people. Tzofim Tzabar (Israeli Scouts in the USA) works with the youth of the Israeli community living in North America (both permanent and temporary residents) with all of the activities conducted in Hebrew. In Tenafly NJ The Tzofim Shevet Mezada is operating within the JCC on the Palisades and currently has 120 members, ages 8 to 18. The Israeli Tzofim emphasizes social and moral development.

The program helps young people to develop physically, intellectually and socially through age-specific activities including simulation games, discussions, projects, camping trips, ceremonies, holiday celebrations, music, sport - and lots of fun. A central element of the Scouting program is that it is a youth-led movement. The veteran Scouts, ages 15-18, are the counselors for younger members, ages 8-14. The pinnacle of the program is for young people to experience the responsibility and leadership of guiding others. Twice a year,winter & summer, each troop goes to a sleep away camp where they take part in nature hikes, sports events and Scouting activities.

The Tzofim meets every Sunday between 4-6 pm at the JCC. We welcome every young Israeli that wants to join us.

For further information contact Gili at 201.408.1428