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Training Programs
Designed for ages 7 through adult

By appointment, call Barbara at 201.408.1475.
Training programs are good for one year from date of purchase.

Personal Exercise Program (PEP)
One-on-one training with a certified trainer, including a comprehensive fitness evaluation and consultation.
24 sessions $1,510 • 12 sessions $780 • 1 session $72


JR Partner Exercise Training for Ages 15 + under
JCC certified personal trainers motivate and guide teens and pre-teens through safe and effective fitness routines. Tailored to meet the needs of the participants to increase their overall physical conditioning. For more info contact Keri Thoren at or 201.408.1476, Benjamin Bergen Youth Fitness Center.
8 sessions, $240 per person, up to 3 participants, 12 one on one sessions for $672

Partner Training
Gain cardiovascular and strength training with two or three people. Form your own group with friends and request your own program format.
10 sessions $408 per person • 1 session $46 per person

Teen Partner Training for Ages 13+
Semi-private training program, grouped by age, combines cardiovascular and resistance training. Form your own group with friends.
8 sessions $228 per person

Master Training
Working with experieced, educated and knowledagable trainers. Master trainers go through additional training in human anatonmy and stay current with the constant evolution of exercise science.
12 Sessions for $888



Individualized Fitness: It’s all in the Plan

We’re here to help you make your health a priority and want to provide you with the individualized attention you need to find your best fitness plan. Schedule your fitness assessment today and we’ll customize a plan suited to your personal goals. We’ll provide you with multiple exercise and training options to achieve the results you are looking for, stay on track, and measure your progress. For ages 14 and up.

Fitness Assessment: Free for members

InBody520: Free for SWC members, $49 members

For more information, and to schedule your assessment call Keri at 201.408.1476.