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Studying Music at Thurnauer

  • Children may begin studying an instrument from the age of 3.
  • Our faculty members use a variety of teaching methods including the Suzuki approach.

  • Instrumental studies for young students involve the participation of a parent or other appointed adult.

  • Careful consideration is given to matching each student with an appropriate instrument and teacher.

  • An interview with the director of the school is required for students planning to begin instrumental study and for current students wishing to change programs or teachers.

  • All instrumental students must own or rent an instrument for daily practice.

  • piano students must have an acoustic piano in their home; electronic keyboards are not acceptable.

  • Students studying privately outside the Thurnauer School may enroll in a musicianship class, group class, and/or performance ensemble.

  • All students taking private lessons at the Thurnauer School must also enroll in musicianship classes, and/or group classes, and/or an ensemble.

  • Enrollment includes regular recital performances.

For more information contact:
Thurnauer School of Music at 201.569.7900 x1465