The School of Performing Arts

The JCC School of Performing Arts offers professional, pre-professional and recreational classes, workshops and performance opportunities. There are specialty classes in leadership, empowerment, lighting, commercials, singing, private voice, coaching for auditions in acting and dance and advanced acting with Strasberg affiliation.

The professional track prepares students for Broadway, film and television, and helps them connect with agents/managers.

Recreational drama classes and workshops develop confidence, selfimage, talent and the ability to express oneself in a group. Drama builds reading skills, social skills and imagination for the individual, and promotes sustained focus, teamwork, and problem solving for the group. Above all, acting creates a deep mind/body connection that brings out charismatic self-expression.

Classes and workshops for Children under age 10 are open to JCC members only.

Special Performing Arts programs have been made possible in part by an annual gift from the Jamie Fitterman Charitable Foundation.

We highly recommend:

  • Technique classes in improv, acting, singing and dance for students who love to perform and want to reach the next level.
  • Ballet for all serious dancers. Ballet is the basis for all forms of dance. Without ballet, a performer's skills do not reach their potential.
  • "Talent is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration" - Albert Einstein (ie: success will almost surely come if you are determined and willing.)
  • Join the JCC – our track record for getting kids on Broadway is amazing!

Why Drama?
Research shows that children who regularly participate in theater and drama activities are:

  • More confident.
  • Have enhanced communications skills.
  • Are more creative and able to think outside of the box.
  • Have improved self-control and self-expression.
  • Are more effective at problem solving and working in groups.

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