Senior Activity Center


Geared towards those 75 years and older, this senior club enables those who would otherwise be homebound, to get out, meet new people and enjoy themselves in the company of peers.

The Senior Activity Center meets each weekday, Monday-Friday, for a full day of programs. Under the supervision of a highly qualified and professional staff, SAC features a wide range of programs and activities including daily exercise, live music concerts, nutritious lunch and more.

Additional offerings include special programs (i.e. birthday & holiday celebrations, health & wellness sessions, social games), helpful resources (i.e. referrals to social work professionals) and support services (i.e. blood pressure screenings). An intake interview is required.

For more information, please contact Helene Schwartz, Senior Adult Services at 201.408.1451 or

“Coming to the JCC is one of the best things that ever happened to me because it gets me out of my apartment and with people.”—Marilyn

Senior man reading on an ipad.
Senior playing a game on an ipad.
Seniors on a zoom call.
Seniors on a zoom call.
Seniors in a dance class.
Seniors in a weight exercise class.