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Private Lessons

Private instruction is available on the following instruments:
Violin Age 3 and up
Viola After two years of violin study
Cello Age 3 and up
String Bass Age 8 and up, depending on size of student
Piano Age 4 and up
Guitar Age 4 and up
Flute Age 3 and up
Harp Age 5 and up
Voice Group class at age 8; private lessons at 10
Clarinet Age 7 and up
Oboe Age 8 and up
Bassoon Age 8 and up
French horn Age 8 and up
Trumpet Age 8 and up
Saxophone Age 7 and up
Percussion Age 6 and up
Low brass (trombone, tuba) Age 9 and up

New students must meet with the director of the Music School to design their programs.


  • Students enroll in private instrumental and vocal instruction as well as elective classes and performance through participation in one of these programs. New students must meet with the director of the music school before registering.

  • Tuition includes registration fee, Parents Association fee, security fee and facilities fee.