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College Admissions Workshop FOR PARENTS 
For Parents of Teens,  10th – 12th Grades
Abbie Rabin, Director of Personalized College Consulting LLC and Founding Director of College Guidance at Ma’ayanot High School. will offer parents invaluable advice and information on how to navigate the complexities of the college admissions process.
•  Learn how to help your child find the best college fit for them
•  Learn what schools really look for in their applicants
•  Calm your worries about test scores and GPAs
•  Discover how there is a school for every student
FREE: Sun, Jan 12, 3 pm

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Interested in getting more involved at the JCC before graduation?  We have great opportunities for community service, leadership training, Israel advocacy, and more!

For more information contact:

Sara Sideman, Teen Services Director ext. 1469