October 2018 Exhibit
Faithspace USA
Images on Canvas: Stories of Worship and Interfaith Tolerance
Organized in Burma (Myanmar)

This pop-up exhibition, organized in Burma (Myanmar), offers thought-provoking images as a means to stimulate reflection. Conceived as a vehicle to greater self-awareness and social consciousness, Stories of Worship and Interfaith Tolerance is intended to promote discussion, foster understanding and build harmony in its viewers. The central theme is to show how, in a diverse society, people can live together, help one another and celebrate the differences that make for a strong society.

The opening reception will feature an 18-minute screening of a 2017 Burmese peace documentary, SITTWE, which features two teens – one Moslem and one Buddhist. The $10 entry fee includes the film, a Q&A and a small cookie and coffee reception. Proceeds support the JCC Patron of the Arts Program.

Oct 3-30 | Film Screening and Reception: Thursday, Oct 25, 8PM - Register Now

November 2018 Exhibit
Open Your Eyes and See
Acrylic/Gessobords by Jose Fontaina

José M. Fontaiña was born in Riveira (Galicia), Spain in 1961 and moved to the USA with his family in 1978. He attended William Paterson University and graduated with a BA in Art. Fontaiña initially sought a career in comics, but discovered he preferred creating “pointillist” works with technical pens, small brushes, and inks, and began exhibiting in galleries. He later discovered Sennelier oil pastels and acrylics and began to paint in the vibrant tradition he explores in this exhibit. He was mentored by André Teabo, an assistant to Romare Bearden, a well-known cartoonist and art editor for the Eucleian Societies at NYU, who later became famous for his collages and abstract paintings.

“I like to describe my work as being a good Caldo Gallego, a delicious Galician soup made by mixing together many vegetables and meats. Instead of cooking ingredients, I use elements of art. Creating art is my full time job. I am obsessed with it. Each blank surface is a new beginning, an intriguing puzzle to be solved, and a wonderful means for discovering myself in a way of life that I love to live.”

Nov 1 – 30 | Meet-the-Artist Reception: Wed, Nov 7, 6:30-8:30PM

Located on the second floor of the JCC, the Waltuch Gallery is a community space that exhibits thematically Jewish artwork, or art produced by a Jewish artist. Artists are mostly local, though some exhibits feature artists from around the country and the world. The Waltuch Gallery exhibit and receptions are free and open to the community. All of the work on exhibit is for sale and a portion of the proceeds go to support programming efforts in the JCC.

If you are interested in displaying in the Waltuch Gallery, please click here for the application. Your completed application, along with 5 image files of your work should be emailed to Nina Bachrach at nbachrach@jccotp.org. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Nina at 201.408.1406 or at the email above.